Why Should You Use a Cleaning Service?

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Cleaning just so happens to be one of those chores that people would rather live without having to do, but it’s required of us in some form. Regardless of how much this chore may seem to be the most difficult, people do manage to get their homes clean, provided they’re motivated enough to do so. Most people are very much against living in a dirty home that’s full of trash, dirt, dust, spider webs, and especially rodents. Because some may see it as necessary, having your home cleaned for you has now become easier than ever. There are now various companies who will send someone, or a team of people, out to your home so that they can clean it for you. If you’re having guests over and need your home cleaned in a certain amount of time, there are several cleaning companies you can look into and hire.

Now, you just may assume that the existence of such cleaning services are to clean your home, like the mess in your kitchen or bedrooms, but there are actual many different versions of them. Pest control services are on the top of a lot of people’s lists when it comes to cleaning. We don’t like to admit it, or even admit to ourselves that we might have a problem with rodents, bugs, or other pests… but the co-exist with us in our homes more often than we think. People don’t like them and would do nearly anything to get rid of them and keep them out of our homes. Pest control services do an amazing job with exterminations and eliminating all sorts of pests that might be lurking around our homes. Having pests removed permanently will bring with it a happier and healthier home.

A fixer-upper, or ‘handy man’ service can also be provided when you hire certain cleaning services. Not only do they clean your house, but they also take care of light construction type work around the home and landscape surrounding it. Some are trained in handling electrical wiring, wood damage, and many other things. This is a very useful service if repairs are all you need taken care of because you can eliminate the option of having to go through private contractors who specialize only in such services.
With that said, if your home requires a bigger job in terms of construction, there are services available just for that. Should your home need remodeling or additions built onto the existing home, this can be achieved with the hiring of construction cleaning services. A regular cleaning service will not suffice in the removal of dirt that has been caused by construction work.

If a simple home cleaning service is what you’re looking for, Handy on youtube might be right up your alley. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cleaning services in the United States alone. So what makes Handybook so special? What makes it better than the competitors? Handybook is similar to Uber in a lot of ways. It’s a marketplace that handles its scheduling on a supply and demand basis. The company is rapidly growing and has generated over $12 million. Their sales revenue has built up over sixty percent in less than a three month period. The company, which is based out of New York and has expanded to 13 cities since its launch, houses more than 50 employees and hires literally thousands of freelancers to take care of over 10,000 jobs per month.

Handybook is less complicated than other cleaning agencies. All you have to do is download their app or go to their website. Enter your zip code, verify which rooms of your home need to be cleaned, what time is most convenient for them to arrive, then you get a price quote with tax and tip included. If you are satisfied with the price, your card is charged and you won’t have to worry about being overcharged or leaving the cleaner underpaid. Another benefit is if you don’t like the work that’s been done, Handy will cover replacement costs if anything has been damaged and a money back guarantee. Handybook screens all of the freelancers they hire and only three percent of the people who are interviewed are hired, so you know that whoever is coming into your home is trustworthy. Handy does offer other services, but you’ll find that their home cleaning service is what draws people in the most.

Despite what you and everyone else might think, hiring a cleaning service is definitely not a waste of money. In fact, you may even find that it works in your favor. It saves you time and energy that you could be spending do something else. Take a look at the multiple cleaning services that are around your area and look forward to enjoying the clean space.

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