The Nation Columnist Repudiates Glen Beck for his Anti-Semitic Rant on George Soros

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The sentiments by made by Glen Beck that George Soros was running a shadow government; hell bent on destroying the American political system bears echoes of past anti-Semitic line of attacks says Jonathan Schell of the Nation. In piece published in December, 2010 Shell was astonished that anti-Semitic elements, from governments to individuals continue to prop their hateful agenda every 100 years or so with utmost consistency to the chagrin of the masses. The situation gets even worse when anti-Semitic brigades are only left with crazier considerations, as this raises the possibility of even crazier actions. Examples of historical tyrants include Hitler and Stalin. In the early 1950’s under Stalin’s watch, anti-Semitic trials permeated much of Soviet occupied Eastern Europe.

During that time, many people were accused of “cosmopolitanism” and Zionism. Interestingly, the anti-Semitic purge by Stalin was only cut short following his death, Shell added. The anti-Semitic wave being witnessed in later years is largely fed by the events that took place at the start of the 20th Century, thanks to the infamous forged proclamation of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” the writer observes. Under this plan, Jews were falsely accused of secretly planning to subvert regimes everywhere and take over the world. To the contrary, totalitarian took over took advantage of the conspiracy to perpetuate fear and justify their intentions of world domination. To achieve this mirror effect, totalitarians decided to remove themselves from facts and reality through contempt.

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One way to do this is purporting to account for the inner operations of history to divorce from facts. Non factuality then became the fodder the conspiracy theorist needed to make their plans work. However, the satisfaction of embracing world fantasy was detrimental to those who believed in organized insanity and fact checking. A flashback today reveals that every time there is need to create an illusion of reality in the political front, an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory is advanced. This makes the removal of factuality appear more like a release from burden and a potent liberation to tumultuous and often frustrating efforts of seeing thing as they are according to George Soros Ukraine. Back to Glen Beck, the author acknowledges that Beck takes right-wing entertainment to a whole new level thanks to likeminded prodigies like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.

Schell observed that the Fox contributor can switch between different positions in an instant; like turning from a weepy, self abasing recovering alcoholic to an abrasive moralist. He adds that most demagogues have something like a clown in them, but this is more deliberate and controlled in case of Beck because of his political clout as a revered member of the Tea Party. A similar rhetoric is replicated by the Republican Party, which often denies the facts and reality as most totalitarians do. For example, their incessant branding of Obama as a Socialist, foreigner or Muslim. In conclusion, Schell avows that it is easy to assess Beck’s career as nothing more than fraud, However, his centrality in the scheme of things makes this idea obstinate.

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