Dr. Johanan Rand Has The Expertise To Help His Patients Lose Weight Correctly And Successfully

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Dr. Johanan Rand received extensive training at New York’s Albert Einstein Medical Center. His specialties include issues with aging, regenerative medicine and weight loss support including alternative solutions and IV nutrient therapy. Dr. Johanan Rand is passionate in ensuring his patients receive the best possible outcomes. He has developed customized programs using integrative approaches for the individualized and unique needs of every patient. The treatments he has developed improve vitality, restore health, ensure optimum aging and help prevent disease (https://www.dialdish.com/dr-dov-rand-rare-treatment/).

Dr. Johanan Rand provides innovative approaches for numerous menopausal issues including anxiety, mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, depression, an increase in blood pressure and mental fogginess. His recommendations for anti-aging cover fatigue, memory loss, erectile dysfunction, low libido, night sweats, muscle atrophy, vaginal dryness and memory loss. The body’s hormone levels are addressed in his treatments.

Dr. Johanan Rand developed his HGC diet based on nutritional principles. This concept takes a hormone produced by pregnant women into consideration. Tests have shown when an individual is dieting this hormone can help stop degenerative muscle deterioration. This diet enables patients to lose between a half and full pound daily. The diet requires a low caloric intake but patients do not experience hunger challenges.

The large amounts of food and easily availability in America can be detrimental for weight. Most people either diet or are acquainted with someone who does. There are numerous fad diets but most are dangerous or ineffective. Dr. Jonathan Rand uses techniques that coincide with the natural instincts of the body. A British physician developed this theory in 1954. Most diets are ineffective because they fight against the body. The HCG diet works with the body to produce success.

Many people realize the comfort provided by food is about more than hunger. The extra pounds may not be immediately apparent. This makes separating hunger from other motivations difficult. Dr. Jonathan Rand teaches his patients how to relearn eating habits and get rid of the ones that are simply not working. New Jersey’s The Healthy Aging Medical Center analyzes the blood, exercise habits and diet to establish the right treatment. This may involve eliminating stress, water and food consumption and numerous additional issues to ensure the patient achieves a healthy metabolic level.

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How Stansberry Research Helps People Save For Retirement Through Timely Research

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Stansberry Research is a company which provides investors with the information they need to make good decisions. They provide this information in a number of ways such as book, articles, and through their online general education resources.

Commodities are something that investors should have in their portfolios, according to Stansberry Research. They are a proper part of an asset allocation plan and help investors spread their risk. If they are bought at the right time and in the right way they can play a vital role in any investment roadmap. Most people invest in three asset classes which are stocks, bonds, and real estate. Commodities provide further diversification.

One thing investors absolutely need to know about commodities, though, is that they always go through boom and bust cycles. Various commodities will suddenly surge forward, earning investors returns of 1000 percent or even more, but then they will swiftly reverse themselves and tank in value. It is simple supply and demand which drive these markets and those who use Stansberry Research to keep track of what is going on can garner spectacular returns by knowing when to get in and just as importantly when to get out.

Stansberry Research has well over half a million subscribers around the world. More than 70,000 of these people are lifetime subscribers who are dedicated to this firm and the valuable investment research it provides to them. They have three different levels of portfolios to choose from depending upon how much info a subscriber wants to receive. A premium subscription gives people access to their Stansberry NewsWire which is updated throughout the say with the latest information.

One subscriber left a review as Ivar S. He has subscribed to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory successfully for a number of years. He says that he is also an investment consultant with clients across the United States. He wrote that he had tried other research services before but none of them did nearly as well as Stansberry Research in keeping him informed about the latest in-depth business news. He says that his own portfolio has grown and he has also been able to help a large number of clients achieve great things in their portfolios.



Director General Kamil Idris On Intellectual Property

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As a Sudanese statesman, Kamil Idris has contributed much to the country in a number of different ways. Besides helping in many legal areas because of his bachelor of law from Khartoum University, he has also has contributed in the realm of intellectual property. Kamil Idris served as director general of the World Intellectual Property Association for almost 10 years, from 1997 to 2008. Even though he has long since retired from the organization, he still has much to say on the subject, such as from an article he wrote in 2008 just before he left the WIPO Organization.

Its 2008 peace was simply entitled, “A Message From Director General Kamil Idris” and in it expounds on how some people may wonder why intellectual property is so important, and then he goes on to note that it actually affects every area of our life, from every invention, to every facet of entertainment, every sporting event, and even to tackling every global problem that we as a human species have encountered. Simply put, without intellectual property rights, we as human beings would not have advanced as far as we have.

Kamil Idris wrote this piece as a way to recognize world and electrical property day, which is every March 17th. On that day, they celebrate the enormous potential of humanity for creativity and ingenuity. They also celebrate the fact that intellectual property rights fuel and channel that so that we can enjoy all of the ingenuity as well.

If there is one thing former Director General Kamil Idris is proud of, it would be the fact that he was at the forefront of it all. He knows that he only plays a very small part in the process, but every intellectual property day he does his small part in paying tribute to all of the artists, musicians, and inventors. Kamil Idris also knows that if he continues to see these rights protected, then he has done his job and done it well.

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Enhanced Athlete: Exposing Greed in Bodybuilding

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Recently, a false advertising case was brought against the fitness company known as “Enhanced Athlete.” This was initiated by the company “Nutrition Distribution.” If there is one word to describe this company its pirates. Historically speaking, this isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.

Often times people will abuse the justice system to achieve selfish goals, arguing that the ends justify the means or they simply want to be a tad bit richer. An enhanced athlete is a professional fitness company with a well-known reputation. It is easy to see why they would be targeted by Nutrition Distribution to make a quick buck or risk losing even more from a lawsuit. However, this doesn’t mean they went out without a fight.

They ended up getting the injunction denied against them and were freed from the burden of facing up to any allegations. Enhanced Athlete argued that there was not enough evidence to conclude that any damage was done to Nutrition Distribution and that the central theme of their injunction was to milk the company for some quick cash. However, this is just one of the many companies who have fell victim to these kinds of threats.

They eventually settle and pay the minimum amount to get out of any trouble. In this case, Enhanced Athlete Inc. Stood up to the bully and pressed for justice in denying them the opportunity to accuse them of anything. In the end, no clear connection between the Defendants product and decrease in sales could be found. Among other lacking evidence, the court motioned to agree with the defendant regarding the lacking of evidence or correlation to prove any damages had been done.

There are a couple of sister companies that are in business with Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Coaching offers advanced services for those seeking a reliable coach in the industry. They offer advanced plans and guaranteed transformations when following the programs. They are always about the best results and can be found at enhancedcoaching.com.

And what would be a trip to the gym without the proper gear? Enhanced Gear is also a sister company which specializes in selling the highest quality athletic gear for your evolution as a bodybuilder. These both contribute greatly to the sport and uphold the values of truth and justice for those in the bodybuilding community. These companies understand that it’s about the common good of all those passionate about the sport.


Who is Matt Badiali?

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In looking at an interview on Badiali, which is on ideamensch, we can see that in his early years, Badiali was looking into a career in the field of sciences. We also learn that this all changed in 2004, when one of his friends wanted him to come work in the field of finance, using his geological background. In addition to this, the article highlights his work at Banyan Hill where he writes today for a newsletter he launched in 2017 called Real Wealth Strategist. Here he goes on to write to readers about the capitalizations which can be made on particular natural resource stocks. This is the main task of the Real Wealth Strategist, being to inform its readers of the profits which can be made in natural resource stocks. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

In considering Matt Badiali, we can see that he is a geologist. Badiali holds a B.S. from Penn State University in geological and earth sciences, better known as geosciences. After earning his B.S. from Penn State, Badiali went on to earn a master’s degree in geology and earth sciences, soon after-which he went on to the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill to earn an all but dissertation Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology. When his schooling had ended Badiali went on to become a geologist and analyst for Stansberry Research in July of 2005. In addition to his work with Stansberry, Badiali spent time teaching as a geologist at the University of North Carolina. His time teaching was put on hold when he was called by a colleague who was a successful financial expert who had made a respected career selling research to some of the world’s top investors. This colleague proposed that Badiali come and work with him as a geologist in order to successfully invest in energy, natural resources, and mining. Visit dailyreckoning.com to know more about Matt Badiali.

Today, Badiali works using his fundamentals in geology to help the general masses invest in natural resources. If you were to profile Badiali in terms of his investor type, he could be classified as one who is hands-on, and sees all of his investments out physically in person. Matt Badiali has visited numerous mines and oil wells across earth’s hemispheres and through this has found himself as well as his investors numerous wealth growth opportunities. In doing this he has traveled to locations such as Iraq, Hong Kong, Haiti, Switzerland, turkey, Singapore, and Papa New Guinea in order to gain first-hand insight. Through this work he has also been able to understand the concept that the valuation of a company is one-thing on paper, and another when seen through an investors eyes in person. He has also learned that by valuating a company in person, one is able to gain insight on its health and potential.

View: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/real-wealth-strategist/what-are-those-freedom-checks-being-teased-by-matt-badiali/


Perry Mandera is on the Forefront of the Transportation and Logistics Industry

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Perry Mandera is the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Custom Companies. He has accrued more than forty years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry. Mandera spent time in the United States military and he was tasked with transporting supplies, as well as troops. It was through this mission that he saw firsthand the importance of shipping and the impact it can have on the overall goal of the project.

After completing his military service Mandera ran for political office and in 1984, he was elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman for Chicago’s 26th Ward, winning a four year term. Mandera is also a man given to helping others (http://inspirery.com/perry-mandera/). He wears his philanthropic hat proudly on both a personal and professional level. He asks his employees each year to help identify individuals who are in need of some kind of assistance. He wants to lift some of the stress the holidays bring to those in need of help by bringing the necessary resources to them.

His professional expertise has been recognized with several awards including the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives if the Millennium,” by the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA). This recognition is a result of Mandera incorporating the latest state of the art technology to his business operations. His team customizes the necessary software to personalize a customer’s specific criteria. Mandera sees mistakes and unfortunate missteps as steeping stones to success. Without mistakes there is no success. He always used such misfortunes as lessons learned and found a way to build the better mousetrap because of them.

He starts each day by returning phone calls and answering emails. This keeps hic line of communication open with his employees, vendors and customers. He takes the time each day to get status updates from his employees in order to stay on track and keep current with the always changing transportation industry. Perry Mandera is most excited about the ever changing technology and it is essential to stay up to date with that aspect of his business. The changing technology is usually the driving force behind innovation and finding better ways to implement and complete a task.



Anthony Petrello Thrilled About 2017 Financial Reporting

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As required by law, Houston oil company Nabors Industries released its 2017 financial reports and which showed a strong final quarter. One of the strongest aspects of that quarter was the increase in operating revenue to $708 million which brought the total operating revenue of 2017 to $2.6 billion, up about $400 million from where it was in 2016. And losses from reported net income were down to $503 million, about half of what they were in 2016. Tony Petrello, the CEO and chairman of Nabors Industries made a statement about how pleased he was about the results, and he believes they affirm that Nabors Industries is reducing operating debt and shareholders can expect to see better returns on capital. He’s also pleased with the new integration of Tesco and its equipment as well as the bright future that’s in store for the SANAD partnership that’s being conducted with the Saudi Aramco company.

Anthony Petrello has been with Nabors Industries since 1991 when he first joined their Board of Directors as its chief operating officer. He became CEO and chairman in 2011 and has directed a large part of the company’s investments to advanced rig technology that’s included automation and drilling analytics. The latest rigs that Nabors has developed include the PACE M-800 PACE M-1000 versions, and the M-400 offshore rig series as well as the Canrigs that makeup both its land-based and offshore fleets. Petrello became widely-recognized in 2013 when he became the highest-paid CEO in the US as part of a new contract that upped his compensation that year to $68.7 million.

Tony Petrello was born in a working class family in Newark, NJ and an old college roommate of his wrote in an article that he was very gifted with solving math problems as a middle school and high school student. He was able to earn a scholarship to Yale University where he graduated with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in math, but he elected to take his career in another direction. He studied law at Harvard and then joined the national law firm Baker & McKenzie and was an associate at their New York offices. He became a partner at the firm about 7 years into his tenure there, and his connection with Nabors Industries began while he represented them and guided them through tax code compliance issues. Petrello has also been a well-known philanthropist in Houston since joining Nabors Industries, and several organizations he’s supported include local art museums, the Houston Symphony, and the neurological research foundation at the Texas Children’s Hospital.


Success is Found Within Graham Edwards’ Three Focuses.

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In 2001 the U.K. company Telereal was created as a joint venture between the companies Trillium and Pears, for the purchase of the British Telecom property securities. Facilitating the creation of Telereal was Graham Edwards who at the time was the CIO of Talisman Global Asset. Graham Edwards then stepped into the head of the new venture as the first CEO and he began guiding Telereal with focus.

The Telereal venture was an immediate success, largely due to Graham Edward’s Three Focuses: The focus of long-term relationships with clients, the focus on facility management and property strategy and the focus on pursuing large-scale capital transactions. The clarity of the corporate direction has enabled the Telereal team to concentrate energy upon the goals of the company, avoiding wasted energy and fruitless action (Askreporter).

In 2009 Graham Edwards demonstrated the strength of this three focuses, when Telereal acted upon the third focus, pursuing large-scale capital transactions, when, with smooth precision, merged with the company Trillium, and created Telereal Trillium, the U.K.’s largest, privately owned property management company. Reiterating CEO Graham Edwards commitment to focus, he made a team dedicated to the merger process, giving the project the resources and focus required to complete such a large merger (http://positivethefacts.com/2018/04/graham-edwards-housing-chairman/).

Since the merger, Graham Edwards has kept the Telereal Trillium spotlight on the first and second focus and has maintained and managed the property for some of the U.K.’s trusted companies such as Barclays, BT and Royal Mail. This dedication and goal centered focus has allowed the Telereal Trillium Corporation to gain a portfolio of £ 6 billion and over 86 million square feet of property, providing the work spaces of many U.K. workers.

By continuing to keep the Telereal Trillium team focused upon its goals, Graham Edwards will continue to foster the relationships with clients, their needs and the management of their property and the U.K.’s largest, private property management company will continue to grow.



Various Services Offered At Sussex Healthcare

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Sussex Healthcare is a corporation offering care homes and support services to children, adults, and older persons. It is located in Warnham, England. The organization operates more than 20 care-homes where it provides access to different kinds of services but primarily focuses on care for older people, care for people with physical and learning disabilities, care for people with dementia, and care for people with neurological disabilities.

Sussex Healthcare started its operations over three decades ago with only one home but now boasts of 20 beds with a capacity of over 580 beds. The nurses and doctors at the different facilities are highly trained and dedicated to offering specialist care to all patients. The management has ensured that the organization is technologically equipped to provide excellent services. Patients have the luxury of eating fresh meals prepared using local ingredients. Sussex Health Care is committed to providing outstanding healthcare services that include;

Care for older persons.
Sussex Healthcare commitment to providing a comfortable and safe environment for our senior citizens is always on a high. The facility offers settings in which the elderly can fully indulge their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical capabilities. The organization employs experts who provide therapies like reflexology and physiotherapy to calm the uneasiness of different health conditions.

Care for persons with neurological disorders.
The facility is well equipped to provide support to persons affected by diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington Disease, Parkinson Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, and Spinal Cord Lesions. There are in-house therapies on speech and language as well as complex therapies such as reflexology and aromatherapy.

Care for persons with Dementia.
Sussex Healthcare provides outstanding care to persons with dementia. The atmosphere at the facilities allows peace of mind and support. The doctors and nurses attend frequent training sessions to learn about different ways of providing one-on-one care to patients with dementia. The medical staff creates memory boxes with known items to help patients recall days. The patients are kept busy with routine activities such as cooking, art therapy, reminiscence sessions, and handicrafts.

Care for adults with physical and learning disabilities.
Sussex Healthcare has invested heavily in specialized facilities, equipment’s, and skilled members of staff that help patients with different needs and disabilities. The organization has purpose-built facilities with aids and adaptation that assist in the therapeutic process.

Over the years, Sussex Healthcare has continued to offer exceptional services and has received numerous awards including Sussex Business Award, Award for Hospitality and Management among many more.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare: http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/10/sussex-healthcares-new-facility-is-as-amazing-as-its-quality-of-care/


Remaining 21 for the Rest of Your Life

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While the toxic lifestyle decisions of today are all but completely avoidable, the damage they impart can still be prevented for the large part by making a few crucial changes to what you eat and your daily activities. However, there are some nutrients that are difficult to stumble across in affordable quantities on a daily basis, and the sad part is, this tends to choke your body out of its wellness sooner or later. There are a handful of legitimate alternative wellness firms out there that can help, and the one we’re focusing on today is Jeunesse Global.

There’s an interesting story behind this company. Wendy Lewis was knee-deep in her personal business investments when she finally struck the jackpot and was able to pursue her vision of delivering wellness to people everywhere in the world. At the time, she ran into Randy Ray, an entrepreneur of comparable expertise who’d also discovered his own recent successes and was on a similar mission to help people everywhere realize their youthful potential to its fullest. Together, they created Jeunesse Global, and the company continues to offer all-natural youth-enhancing solutions to this day for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders and walks in life.


The Array of Benefits

Jeunesse delivers on its mission with the Youth Enhancement System: an overarching banner for the array of product regimens that the company sells. Each regimen assists in the reversal of age-accelerating damage in a different area of the body, but the regimens require patience, faith and persistence to see results. These results include:


  1. Energy

By improving the quality of your sleep, general mood and the amount of energy you have, you can push through the day with confidence in yourself.


  1. Well-Being

A variety of regimens introduce antioxidants, immune-boosting supplements and everything in between to keep you healthy and empowered.


  1. Healthy Skin

One symptom of toxin buildup and aging is blemishes on the skin; the symptoms as well as the causes themselves can be addressed with exfoliating and restorative creams that dial back the years and leave you looking and feeling great again.



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