Sentient AI – A/B Testing

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The international leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) introduces Sentient Ascend. The solution is expected to assist marketers in website experiments. Advances in Artificial Intelligence will however, improve more on the A/B Testing feature. AI solution will help in solving complex consumer decisions in the market

During an eTail East conference held in Boston, exhibitors seemed to launch their customized versions of data analytics, client aiming, and most significantly several abilities of AI-driven outcomes. Sentient based in San Francisco uses the AI conversion. The 10-year-old company marketing director Mr. Miller was interviewed and gave his opinions on A/B testing and AI contribution.

Discussing the possible future on the world of A/B testing in relative to the current world of AI. The director mentioned that the A/ B testing enables the user to perform several experiments and settle on the one decision which performs better. But during the examination only few will give the result, translating to the requirement of deploying more energy and assets.

To ensure more resource utilization, increased performance and accuracy Sentient has deployed a conversion – focused product marked AI. The product shall make it possible for marketers to experiment their ideas concurrently. With the enhancement, marketers can issue AI with all opinions, and with time the system will identify the ideas that enhance conversions better. Also, it manages to sort concepts, maintaining those that improve conversions and discarding the rest.

These conversions are given to the AI engine by the marketers to determine how to meet a marketing goal such as lead, sale or income. The engine has been tested by Sentient in Cosabella, world lingerie brand. 160-page designs examined, and within a month and three weeks the AI improved to 38% conversions.

A/B Testing is not expected to fade anytime soon. However, Mr. Miller says the invention of AI is taking place and everyone will end up using it within the next three years. He further encourages the use of A/ B testing for hypothesis confirmation. AI engine validates information and eliminates assumptions. It is extremely helpful especially when the data frequency and size is too complicated. AI functions in a closed loop which enables full scale and elimination of manual work.


Securus Technologies-The Home of Prison Technologies

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Securus Technologies is one leading provider of detainee communications services, civil and criminal and justice technology services to give solutions for public safety, investigation activities, correction exercises, monitoring products, biometric analysis services and inmate self-service solutions. Securus Technologies, Inc. also features as a home of parolee tracking, government Information management center, serving an over 2,600 correctional facilities in the 45 U.S states including the District of Columbia, Canada, and even Mexico. More than 1,000,000 inmates are utilizing communication solutions offered by this company.



This company is the recognized leader in giving an intensive, creative and innovative technical program solutions and a standby customer care service unit, Securus is dedicated to primarily in taking care of specialized needs of the correctional facilities and law enforcement centers. Securus has its headquarters situated at In Dallas, Texas, also has four regional offices in Dallas metro area and one in Atlanta Georgia. Securus technologies deposit its attention in connecting what matters in an effort of making the world the safest place to live.



The company published some feedbacks on its site received from customers harnessing the technology to settle and prevent crimes including also the inmate-on-inmate crime activities.



Secures invites their customers, existing/prospective investors and even the competitors to their facility at the headquarters in Dallas to see and get guided how their technologies help to solve and prevent crimes.




Advancing the Quality of Public Education through Rocketship Education

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The quality of public education has always been an all-time low in most economies, the USA included. One of the many reasons behind this has always been the lack of goodwill from the industry players. It is for this reason that most parents prefer taking their children to private academic institutions where they are guaranteed of good grades. One chartered public school by the name Rocketship Education is slowly changing the perception most parents and educators have when it comes to public education. So far, if the progress being witnessed in the community of San Jose California is anything to go by, then the school has started to have its effects in the society.

How does Rocketship Education work?

Many barriers exist when it comes to education. Apart from difficulties associated with the student’s learning ability, there is the barrier of creed, race, financial class, and ethnic background. With this knowledge, Rocketship Education works by eliminating all the obstacles hindering the effectiveness of the education sector. Through the warm school, culture scholars feel appreciated despite their diversity hence encouraging learners to interact with their educators.

Secondly, Rocketship Education encourages full participation of both parents and students. Regardless of how occupied a parent is, the school requires that you, as a parent, get involved in the academic life of your child. The school organizes regular visits by parents where the whole institution gets to interact and bond. These sessions and others help a parent to understand the teacher that his or her child is assigned to. As if this is not enough, the institution allows parents to have a say in this process from the start.

According to a recent article, Rocketship Education allowed a representative of parents to seat at the cross-examining table when choosing their D.C chartered educators. Previously, the school only engaged the parents when choosing their core values. By involving parents from the beginning, the institution is giving parents the green light to influence the success of their kids. With the one decade that the school has been in operation, one lesson is clear; and that is by involving parents into their children education has helped improve the quality of education.


IDLife Revolutionizes the Personalized Nutrition in Unique Ways

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IDLife, a leading wellness and nutrition company, revolutionized the personalized nutrition using some unique ways. While two-thirds of the American citizen is either overweight or obese, the firm understands the needs of personalized nutrition that can ensure a healthy lifestyle for everyone. The most important aspect of the products of IDLife is none other than that they are targetted to the needs of specific customers. The wellness firm thinks that the requirements of no two customers are same when it comes to nutrition. It says that people are different in terms of diet, genetics, existing health problems, medication use, learned behaviors, and more.

The products and solutions of IDLife are different from other players in the industry in four different ways. While a majority of the nutritional providers use one-size-fit for all strategy, such nutritional products are found to be less effective in addressing the issues of the customers. But, IDLife just goes for a targeted approach in terms of nutrition and bring accurate results for the customers. It has motivated investors and visionary leadership who are bound to make an impact in the market with efficient results. To provide the highest standard nutritional products to its customers, IDLife tries to raise its performance bar very often. It also sources highest quality ingredients to ensure the products are speaking its value.

Another factor that leads to effective nutritional solutions is the support of science. The nutritional supplements from the firm have been peer-reviewed in medical journals and completed multiple levels of clinical trials to ensure that they bring desired results. It also ensures that the products are showcasing highest quality. IDLife states that while people are different, their nutritional deficiencies are also different. Due to that reason, generic supplements may not give same results to everyone who uses it.

IDLife was founded in the year 2014 with a mission of bringing customized nutrition solutions and improving the health of the people. It allows hassle-free joining to the nutritional programs by offering an easy sign-up process through its official website. It contains a confidential health assessment, and based on customers’ response to the evaluation, they get tailored vitamin program from the firm.

It offers many product solutions that are targeting weight management, skin care, workout line, sleep strips, and more. By understanding the complex needs of nutrients for children, IDLife designed a specialized program called IDLife Kids Line to help them to get all the nutrients required during the growing age.

To know more click: here.



How Imran Haque is Helping Improve field of Internal Medicine

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Quality health care services are one of the determining factors of a healthy economy. Doctors play a very important role when it comes to the healthcare of their victims, and one person who is leading this park from the front is Dr. Imran. To Asheboro, North Carolina residents Dr. Haque does not need any introduction; his excellent record as an internist speaks volumes for itself. However, for starters, Dr. Imran is a highly accomplished physician when it comes to the field of internal medicine.

Dr. Imran is a medical graduate from the University of Virginia where he acquired his M.D and also has a medical degree from Santo Domingo’s Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). Currently, Haque works at his Horizon Internal Medicine center in Asheboro, North Carolina. For over 15 years, Dr. Haque has been offering quality healthcare to the citizens of North Carolina who seemingly cannot get enough of his services. According to a recent interview at IdeaMensch, Dr. Haque shares more about himself including how the idea of Horizon Internal Medicine was birthed.

Like any other medical student, Haque completes his undergraduate studies and embarked on a journey of developing himself as a professional. The first health care, Haque was involved with was one that offered exclusive inter medicine services. After working with the institution, Haque hatched an idea to provide some internal medicine services to the locals. The reception to this idea was excellent thus seeing him carry on with these works hence Horizon Internal Medicine.

When responding on how he brings his ideas to life, Imran Haque explained that it takes him hard work, enough due diligence, and research. In addition to this, patience, being organized, building meaningful relationships and networking also adds on to this list. Unknowingly to many people, Imran believes that the NC State’s college sports program is the best in the entire North Carolina State since most people seemingly do not agree with him.

What makes Dr. Imran most liked by his patients?

Dr. Haque is a licensed and accredited to offer medical services in North Carolina. With his offices in the State, the doctor seems to be attracting a lot of patients. Some of the reasons behind this include; his strategic office location, his services, and equipment are accredited and the fact that the doctors treat and diagnose a huge number of illnesses.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/imranhaque505


A Brief History of Drew Madden

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Drew Madden is and entrepreneur who focuses his talents in the fields of information technology and healthcare. Madden went to school at the University of Iowa in the College of Engineering. There he studied industrial engineering and earned a B.S.E in the same discipline. Shortly after graduating from the University of Iowa Madden began working for the college. He was a student advisor from 1998 to 2002. While at this position Madden realized how much he enjoyed assisting students and making long term plans. Both these skills Madden would use in the future.

In 2002 Drew Madden was able to get his foot in the door and use what he learned in college. First he was hired by Cerner Corporation as a Integration Consultant. While there he implemented applications for clinical inpatients for major Chicago hospitals and became certified in CPOE, eMAR and PharmNet application modules. In 2006 Madden began working for Healthia Consulting. There he increased his certification knowledge by adding Willow to his resume. He also organized applications for numerous hospital systems. Lastly, in 2009 Madden was hired from Ingenix Consulting as their Regional Sales Director. At this position he was responsible for sales and business developments.

Drew Madden became the Vice President of Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. The consulting company is one of the largest in the world. It has won several awards, including the KLAS Award for Consulting Excellence and Epic Implementation Services. Madden became President of Nordic Consulting Partners only seven months after being hired. As president he was responsible for consulting operations, business development and maintaining over 150 client relationships. From the time he started to 2016 when he left, Nordic Consulting Partners had increased both its client partners, employees and annual revenue.

Drew Madden currently lives in Middleton, Wisconsin and works as a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. While he enjoyed holding an administrative role, he admits to enjoying being able to be more hands on. Being able to work with some of the most innovative technologies and bright minds in the world to combine healthcare and information technologies has always been his greatest passion.


Faster and Cheaper Gene Sequencing Tests Made Possible by Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus

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It only took Tempus just a year to secure funding to the tune of $70 million. The Chicago-based tech startup is in the states’ top ten fastest growing software companies list. Unbelievably, Tempus has achieved all that success with just 200 core employees. The tech startup specializes in inventing intuitive, accessible, and affordable cancer diagnostic tools and techniques.

By making it to the top ten best startup list, Tempus joined an exclusive club dominated by Chicago tech firms like Avant, SMS Assist, Outcome Health, Raise, SpringCM, IRI, and Analyte Health.

Personal Encounter

Cancer happens to be a very personal topic for Eric Lefkofsky. He’s personally endured the pain and horror of having a loved one suffered from breast cancer. Oncologists have worked tireless hours and millions of dollars in research money have been poured into the quest for improved and advanced cancer treatments. But, the situation still looks grim for cancer patients.

Eric Lefkofsky CEO of Tempus is convinced that part of the problem in cancer, and indeed, the medical world is that there’s isn’t nearly as enough tech support. On 2017, oncologists are still relying on their doctor’s notes to handle patients. Eric Lefkofsky’s proficient team solved that gaping hole by developing a robust data management software. A system capable of collecting enormous amounts of clinical and molecular data before presenting it to the physician in simpler terms.

Tempus in Ten Years

The software is now being used nationwide by physicians and researchers to collect and analyze genome data sequences among cancer patients. The software has been assimilated into the systems of leading medical institutions, namely, the Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern, Duke University School of Medicine, and by the Mayo Clinic.

It’s highly likely that in ten years, every oncologist will be using Tempus systems in their day-to-day works, according to Michael Liang, a prominent venture fund manager in Chicago.

Eric’s Charity Involvement

Eric Lefkofsky and his wife, Liz have a charitable organization called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The fund was founded in 2006 with the goals of promoting human rights affairs, education, arts and culture, and medicine in the communities Eric’s companies operate. The high-profile Chicago couple is associated with The Giving Pledge, another leading charity organization. Eric’s the Chairman of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company and, a trustee at the Lurie Children’s Hospital both in Chicago. As of February 2017, Eric’s net worth was placed at $1.9B, by Forbes Magazine.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eplefkofsky/


Eric Lefkofsky’s Startup Tempus Uses a Data Driven Approach to Help Physicians Provide Cancer Treatment Plans

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Eric Lefkofsky’s latest startup venture Tempus recently made a huge announcement: an additional $70 million in funding to the healthcare tech company. The additional influx of investment capital was part of a third round of funding, called a Series C funding round and it brings the total funding for Tempus to $130 million in investments.

The Series C funding influx brings Tempus to an estimated valuation of $700 million. This is just an estimate but still great news for this company that is by any means a baby startup, founded in 2015.

Eric Lefkofsky chose to co-found a company in the healthcare and medical fields after seeing such massive longterm success in the tech field after he put together some of the pieces of the cancer treatment plan process and realized there were some gaps. He noticed that while there was a huge amount of data being collected on each patient, it was typically housed within physicians notes on individual casess and not accessible in any digitized system that was accessible to all oncologists. Tempus’s main goal is to provide better patient outcomes for loved ones undergoing cancer treatment.

Additionally, he and his team believe greatly in the power of human genome sequencing to map out individual data in relation to their cancer treatments. While the cost of genomic sequencing has dropped significantly and it has proven to provide great amounts of data, it still wasn’t regularly used. These were the two gaps that Tempus wants to fill.

Eric Lefkofsky used the power of what he knows best to found Tempus: Technology. By gathering patient care data and human genome sequencing data, Tempus seeks to build the largest library of clinic data and molecular data that the world has ever seen. This data will then be accessible to doctors everywhere in a simple operating system.

With the influx of funding Tempus has already put its goals into tangible action by working with some of medical research’s biggest names. Among those are the Mayo Clinic and Duke University’s School of Medicine.

With Lefkofsky at the helm and a $700 million valuation, Tempus is on the move to becoming one of biggest startups in the healthcare and technology industries to date.


End Citizens United Discloses Mueller Probing Russian Facebook Ads

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End Citizens United is trying to disclose how vulnerable the US elections are and the Congress is not doing anything about it.

End Citizens United has stated that all were well aware of the Russian involvement in the elections. Only the proof was awaited. Now it has been disclosed that a Russian company having ties with the Kremlin had bought political ads that were meant to sway the presidential election.

End Citizens United further clarified that there is a ban on foreign spending in the US campaigns. But the fact remains that the election laws and enforcement seem to be crumbling. Another fact to be noted is that the efforts of Russia to interfere in the 2016 US campaign were comprehensive as well as highly sophisticated.

But now all have displayed confidence in the efforts of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He will be looking into this meddling by Russia. This will help to determine whether Trump’s team had played any part in this Russian trolling. But this has also raised a question on whether Washington will be taking steps to prevent any hostile foreign governments from spending money in the future US elections.

The right-wing politicians along with their special interest allies have been undermining the campaign finance laws for a long time now. In this way, the floodgates have been opened that allow for political spending that is untraceable. In this way, a small group of those who are big money donors are able to tilt the scales in the Senate, in their favor.

This kind of revelation that a foreign government has been able to buy political ads on Facebook depicts the vulnerability of the election system. It indicates how a foreign government, or a foreign corporation, or just one billionaire having a narrow agenda can get access to various levels of power in the US democracy.

The revelations depict a digital ad campaign worth $100,000. This was in 2016 and was done by a Russian troll farm. But this may just be the tip of the iceberg. It will never be known how much money Russia, or any other country, has spent in order to interfere in these elections. There are loopholes in the law. There are gridlocks at the enforcement agencies. This allows individuals as well as corporations to spend without being held accountable for it. This indicates that any hostile country may have spent millions of dollars in the last elections and no one came to know about it.

This is not all. There has been news of another foreign spending before the 2016 elections too. The American Pacific International Capital which is owned and managed by Chinese nationals had contributed $1.3 million to a Super PAC that was supporting Jeb Bush.

Find more about End Citizens United: http://www.alreporter.com/2017/09/28/end-citizens-united-endorses-doug-jones-senate/


Cancer Treatment Centers Of America War A Prostate Battle

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have recently teamed of with LabCorp and the National Football League to wage war against prostate cancer. Through donations and fundraisers, the three entities are running a prostate cancer program from September through October. Men who are 40 or over can receive a free prostate screening at LabCorp. LabCorp has at least one establishment in every state. There are approximately 3,000 spots available. Men who are interested in taking advantage of this situation should contact their local LabCorp center today.

Once the 3,000 spots are filled, men can still take advantage of this program. However, there will be a fee of approximately $25 to have the screening conducted. However, a $25 payment is still very low in regards to the cost of healthcare. Additionally, LabCorp will use the best equipment on the medical market today. Even better, there will be a representative from Cancer Treatment Centers of America at every screening.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are expanding every year. They have several centers in each state, and their goal is to have a center in every city in America within the next two years. They also spend the most money on digital equipment to stay up to date at all time. 1

Every doctor employed by Cancer Treatment Centers of America has had a hunger to help patients since childhood. All of these doctors have also gone to the best learning institutions in the world. Even better, doctors sacrifice a large salary in order to help more people. Many programs offered by Cancer Treatment Centers of America are free of charge. To date, Cancer Treatment Centers of America are credited with provided over 10 million dollars in free healthcare. A great majority of this assistance has gone to men with prostate cancer.

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