Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Joins UChicago in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

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Doctors at the University of Chicago just got word that Tempus, a cancer fighting organization founded by Eric Lefkofsky, will provide advanced data testing to help treat breast cancer patients. In an announcement made on Thursday by Chicago-based Tempus, A partnership is in the works with the University of Chicago Medicine. The goal is to create treatment plans specific for each patient by providing molecular sequencing and analysis to the breast cancer specialists at the University of Chicago.

Tempus plans to analyze data from about 1,000 breast cancer patients in hopes to find patterns that will help doctors and researchers predict the treatment response of each patient. Over time, this will hopefully improve the outcome of treatment in patients by providing data that will help better fight cancer.With the current system, physicians are forced to make treatment decisions that aren’t backed by specific genetic information that could lead to better targeted treatment decisions for each patient. With Tempus, it helps doctors make personalized treatment decisions using machines that focus on genotypes.

The partnership with the University of Chicago is the latest of its kind. Tempus has ties with other universities as well including Northwestern University, Rush University, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Michigan.Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Before starting the technology company in 2015, Lefkofsky co-founded Lightbank, a venture fund investing in the disruption of the technology industry. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of a global e-commerce marketplace, Groupon. He is co-founder of multiple other companies including Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings. Lefkofsky founded the private charitable foundation the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 with his wife Liz. The foundation has sparked initiatives in the community and has greatly impacted the quality and enhancement of comunities served.


Online Reputation Management: Driving Revenue with your Personal Brand

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There are many people who believe social media as a business development tool are played out or somehow overrated. But as brand strategist Ryan Erskine explains in a thoughtful piece in Entrepeneur magazine, it’s not about the medium, it’s about the brand.

First of all, Erskine points out that there is a lot of data that supports the effectiveness of social media. Salespeople who utilize social media as part of their approach outperform those who don’t by nearly 80%. In addition, social media-generated leads are much more likely to convert that other types of leads, according to one study.

Erskine believes that even if you are not a salesperson, you can still drive additional business into your company by using social media. A lot of people prefer to spend money on advertising because it is less time intensive, but that is not the complete ROI picture. The real question is whether or not that time invested will yield sales and revenue and therefore be worth the investment, and in Erskine’s view, it is usually worth it.

One of the best ways of getting new business is to get attention by making a name for yourself, publishing on blogs and websites in your industry. This is closely related to the first impression that potential customers will have of you when they google your name or brand. An essential first step is to google yourself and remove anything unflattering that is within your control. This is the centerpiece of online reputation management. Moreover, if you don’t already have a website, get one, and make it a central repository with information about yourself and your brand. Erskine recommends reserving your name on all major social media platforms as a way of improving your Google first page.

Controlling your brand is important, says onlinereputationreviews.com, but it’s a means to an end. The end game is to generate business and revenue, and Erskine argues an excellent way of doing this is through content marketing. He believes that content marketing is one of the best investments you make in your business, since it keeps working for your brand continuously.



Talk Fusion Founder Writes A New Article On The Future Of Advertising

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The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has written his second guest article in the past year on MarTech Advisor’s webpage. Martech Advisor is a source of the latest news, reviews, and research for marketing executives around the globe. Talk Fusion is a global marketing company that provides an easy way for marketing to target people through online video advertising.

The article that Reina wrote, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017“, describes the latest in video styles and techniques work and how they should play a role in upcoming marketing campaigns. The editorial staff at MarTech Advisor had requested that he write the article as a way to inform their readership which includes Chief Marketing Officers at many different organizations. In the article, Bob Reina is able to show not just how but why they should make marketing video the centerpiece of their marketing advertising strategies.

Talk Fusion’s first product was Video Email, which was released in 2004. This product provided a way for people to share video over the internet. Their current product is what Reina calls an all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. This product is designed to help businesses increase their exposure as well as their sales and profits. The marketing formats that it excels at includes video emails, video conferencing, video newsletters, and video chat. The video chat is particularly interesting as it allows the users of the product to talk face-to-face using any type of device. The Fusion on the Go app is available for both iPhone and Android devices and is available on their respective online stores. The app also allows unlimited messaging and gives you the ability to archive conversations so that they can be revisited later.

Talk Fusion sells its product and services through a network of independent associates. Today the company has independent associates in over 140 countries around the world. The company also offers new users a thirty-day free trial so that they can become well acquainted with it in order to see how it will help them grow their businesses.


Power Woman Desiree Perez

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Samsung seeks to buy Tidal from Jay Z. Tidal is an electronics company based in South Korea. The company teamed up with Jay-Z during the launch of his album Magna Carta in 2013 and with Rihanna on Roc Nation. Samsung has also contacted Kanye West following the involvement of Tidal in “The Life of Pablo.” Clare Atkinson was informed that Samsung was having great plans that it is working on. The sustainability of Tidal is currently at stake considering that the entry of Kanye West, Rihanna and Beyonce has not attracted new subscribers.\


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Samsung is however not the only company that is after Tidal. Google and Spotify are after it too. Spotify is said to have proposed a partnership and not an acquisition. Tidal is under a lot of pressure considering that Jay-Z has even spent his money to support the company. Previous attempts by Sprint and Softbank to acquire Tidal have not been fruitful. The current depreciation in the company’s value from $250 million to $100 million may cause a different result.  Check this on billboard.com


Desiree Perez is described as a tough businesswoman. She is a close associate and business partner of Jay-Z and an integral part of what may happen to Tidal. Currently, Desiree is the manager of Jay Z’s businesses, which include Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sport and also Tidal. She is an excellent negotiator. This quality has helped her make very good business deals for Tidal and Roc Nation. She has been the center of attention because of the current financial situation at Tidal. Despite this, she has greatly helped in ensuring that the company is still running smoothly. She also helps with making future plans and making decisions for the benefit of the company. Being the negotiator she is, Desiree rejected the proposals by Sprint and Softbank.


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Tidal’s hope is now in Desiree’s good negotiation skills and also Jay-Z. It is rumored that Spotify has the best chance with Tidal. This is because they are after a partnership and not a buyout. If Spotify is successful, the company will be “Tidal Powered by Spotify.” With her expertise in business, Desiree is confident about getting the best deal for Tidal. Even during this time when Tidal is going through a rough patch, it is still valuable. In the very able hands of Desiree Perez and Jay Z, there is hope that the company will return to glory.

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Success Tips- Josh Verne

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Josh Verne is a businessman who has had an experience of over 20 years. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Flocku.com. Josh has written on how to get out of you way and succeed in life as well as business. Some of the points are listed below.

  • Be a leader not a boss: Josh explains that there are two people in the management a leader and a boss. He further says that a boss uses his title to accomplish his goals, he demands for respect from others, while on the other side a leader is one who earn respect by placing his people before him and this is how he achieves his goals.
  • Speak less and listen more: it is usual that we have one mouth and two ears, so use them in the right way.
  • Figure out what you are passionate about: if one wants to succeed they should do what they love.
  • Have balance in life: life is all about balancing money, health, and wealth.
  • Everything needs to be win-win: never make a deal that is win-lose in life.

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur and has over 20 years of experience in buying and selling business. Josh can well be described as a mentor who talks and writes on how to succeed in life. Currently Josh Verne is the Chief Executive Officer of Flocku.com.

Josh Verne also inspire man on how to live successful and he host a show on knowledge for people – more purpose, love, freedom, and power. In the series, people share their stories and lessons on success in life. Josh offers tips and insights on how to be a successful man in life.


Igor Cornelsen Experiences Investment Advantages

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Making money is a very important aspect of life. One of the most common ways on icrowdnewswire.com that people make money is by working. However, working alone is not going to pay all of the bills and break one out of debt in most cases. There are other activities that can help one earn money. One of these activities is investing. There are a lot of advantages that come with investing. Many of these advantages are experienced by only top investors like Igor Cornelsen. The following are major advantages enjoyed by investors as they increase their wealth with the investments they make.

One advantage is that one does not have to put in hours of work. This is especially true of bank accounts that gain interest over time. Stocks on Crunchbase with dividends are not harmful either. One thing about investing is that the more one explores the world of investing, the more opportunities he will find in order to make profits. People like Igor Cornelsen are always open to new opportunities they will find when putting their money to work. Investing can be considered easy money. However, one still has to work on the job he still has because he is limited in income and it may take a while for his investments to make enough money to replace his primary source of income at https://about.me/igorcornelsen1.

One of the most important things that Igor Cornelsen and other investors have done in order to become really successful is do a lot of research. There is a lot of information that investors need in order to succeed. Without this information, investing becomes more like gambling as people take guesses as to what stock or asset is going to work in their favor. One of the reasons that Igor was successful as an investor was that he was patient and he used information and knowledge.


Capitol Anesthesiologists Associates make surgery bearable for kids

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When Mark Stratton, 12, started having mild abdominal pains after meals, his mother, Julie, wanted to give it a while to see if it would resolve on its own. Julie was worried that another trip to the doctor’s office could mean huge medical bills that she couldn’t pay. But after the pain persisted for two weeks, it was clear they needed to see a doctor.


They were directed to Dell Children’s Medical Center. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the doctor emerged with the news no parent wants to hear – Mark had a rare form of pancreatic cancer called islet cell carcinoma. “At first I was devastated”, she said. “But the doctor quickly reassured us that this was a highly treatable form of cancer”. But Mark would need to undergo a major operation, referred to as the Whipple procedure. “The thing I worried most about was the pain. They had to open him up, god I didn’t want to think about that”, she says, holding back tears.  Read more on linkedin.com.


Luckily, Julie was connected with a team of anesthesiologists from the Capitol Anesthesiologist Association. They assured her that with a professional team carefully administering the agent Propofol, that Mark would be unaware of anything during the operation.


The operation was a huge success.


“I was really scared”, said Mark. But when asked if he was in a lot of pain, he said, “yeah, but mostly when I got home and didn’t take my pain meds”.


Today Mark is cancer free and both he and Julie are grateful for the expert services of the Capitol Anesthesia Association.

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Troy McQuagge: The winner of The 2016 Gold for One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award

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Troy McQuagge, the President and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group Inc. has won a number of prestigious awards in the past. His award collection includes but does not limits to 2016 Gold Award from CEO World Awards, 2016 Gold Award from Golden Bridge Awards as well as 2016 Gold Stevie Award from Stevie Awards and so on. But this is the first time, Troy has won the Gold from One Planet, and this is truly another achievement for this well-experienced veteran.



One Planet, one of the premium and prestigious award programs from the USA. It awards top executives and organizations for their excellent achievements in PR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Growth and so on. Every year they considered hundreds of nominations from different sectors both at home and abroad that includes but do not limits to profit and not-for-profit organizations as well as corporates and multinationals. Hence, this is truly a great achievement for Troy to win this award. The news came to all through a press release dated January 10th, 2017 at Fort Worth Texas.



Troy has been working at USHEALTH Group Inc. as President and CEO since 2014. Under his strong and strategic leadership, USHEALTH Group Inc. has secured unprecedented success over last few years and became the largest insurance holding companies catering to the customers with affordable health coverage. Troy has also been working with USHEALTH Advisors since 2010 as its President and CEO. He also proved his genius and outstanding competencies in leading that organizations through his innovative strategies. While working there, Troy developed a number of revolutionary strategies including a proprietary Agency Platform that transformed this company into the largest captive career sales organizations in the Under 65 insurance market. Troy also had an amazing career with HealthMarket where he started his career in 1996 and served there till 2008 as its President Agency Marketing Group.



For his excellent contributions to USHEALTH Group Inc., Troy was nominated for this award in 2016. He was quite happy to receive this award and told the media that this award belonged to his colleagues at USHEALTH Group Inc. who have been working him. He also added that this award was a testament to their commitment to developing better and affordable health care solutions according to the need to of the customers. He also mentioned they would continue to work with the same excellence in future as well.


Troy Mcquagge has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree (legal studies) from the Central University of Florida. He is currently based in Fort Worth, Texas and involved with a number of voluntary organizations Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Dallas, Crisis Nursery Phoenix and so on. In addition, he has an interest in Human Rights, Civil Rights and Social Action, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, Health and Children.




Stephen Rotella Strategic Mind Drives Stone Castle In An Upward Trajectory

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Stephen Rotella is the CEO of Stone Castle Cash Management, LLC. He graduated from the University of New York, Brook, with an Economics Degree. He also holds an MBA in Finance and Information Systems from the State University of New York, Albany.


He is a financial expert with a career span of more than three decades. He has a broad background in strategic and operating leadership in financial institutions. He has a vast experience in internet banking, asset management, and organizational development. Previously, he was working at Chase Manhattan Mortgage as president. Through 2005 to 2008, Stephen Rotella was the CEO and president of WMI Holdings Corporation. Before joining Chase, he worked in industries such as mutual funding, system consulting, and retail brokerage.


The most recent of Stephen Rotella advances is being elected as Chairman of LIFT, in 2015. He was previously the chair of its development committee driving force in combating poverty in the US. With his business acumen and strategic mind, LIFT has decided to partner with him at this pivotal time in the company. Rotella was also the best candidate for LIFT, considering his help towards the unprivileged and arts community. He has been a board member in institutions such as The Seattle Foundation and is an active patron of Jazz at Lincoln Center. Together, they are planning to extend their reach and change the livelihoods of people.


About Stone Castle

It is a pre-eminent administrator of insured cash solutions for both institutional investors and large institutions around the world. It has the largest bank networks, and it’s recognized for serving institutional clients’ investments needs. Stone Castle has recently acquired Insured Deposit Sweep Business from Intermedium Financial, a company that offers an investment bridge between FDIC-insured bank accounts, and brokerage houses, asset managers among other financial intermediaries.


InterLINK, being one of the assets obtained, will help Stone Castle expand its distribution options significantly. Stone Castle will be able to reach out to brokerage firms, financial advisors, and additional market segments, using InterLINK to complement its already technology-driven business. Stone Castle is supported by world-class partners such as CIBC and Charles Bank Capital Partners. Its mission is to issue high-class client value while growing assets at the same time. Stone Castle has four guiding principles to its employees that help it attain even higher goals. They believe in being passionate, entrepreneurial, collaborative, and having mental tenacity.



Wen by Chaz Dean Helps Replenish All Hair Types

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Many women suffer from dry and damaged hair each year. Each year more and more products are introduced on the market that are supposed to help with this problem however many of these products fail to do their job. With WEN, this product delivers on its promise. There are more than 40 million bottles that have been sold by the company since it first started 16 years ago.

If you have hair that is unmanageable, there is a product offered by Wen by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) which will work for you. For people who have hair that reacts to all types of weather, if its too damp, it will frizz. If its too humid, it will frizz and so on. If this is your hair, then you will need the anti-frizz hair care product to help tame your locks. The amount of crème you will need will depend on the amount of hair that you have however many suggest that you will only need an amount the size of a quarter. If you have thicker hair, you will need more as well.

Do you have hair that needs moisture? If so, the moist intensive hair treatment is what you are going to want. The treatment will go into your wet hair and will stay in for 30 minutes. Once you have left it in your hair for 30 minutes, you will need to rinse your hair. When you are done, you will feel the difference in your hair. After your hair has been rinsed, you will be able to go on styling it like you normally would.

All the products that you order are going to be great for your hair. There will be no disappointment in your hair care products. You will of course want to give it a few times with the usage before you become disappointed. It will take some time for your hair to regain all its natural beauty after being damaged for so long. That is why you should always use a product for more than just a couple doses before giving up and moving on to something else. Give Wen by Chaz Dean a chance and see what happens after a few weeks of using their products. Wen products are available online thru the Wen.com website or Amazon.com.


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