The Benefits of Online Reputation Management

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You just moved to a new city and started a business. You are the classical picture of an entrepreneur working 18 hour days. Unfortunately, you have an ex-girlfriend with whom it ended badly. Knowing that you are trying to build up your reputation, she posts some articles on the Internet about how terrible of a person you are. Fortunately, online reputation management could be a legitimate solution. Being an expert in the field, SEO Brand has a few reasons that online reputation management could solve this sort of problem.

Online Reputation Management Can Establish Credibility

There are always critics of major brands. Yet according to onlinereputationreviews.com, they still get traffic. Somebody could do a google search of a major brand with the qualifier “criticism” and find a host of negative articles. This is because, through online reputation management, they have established credibility. People are not going to believe negative information if the brand is already perceived as credible. There are plenty of detractors to major food chains such as McDonalds, yet they are still making their way toward the next 99 million burgers sold. People recognize the brand. The same principle can be applied to the Internet.

Control Current Information

When consumers search for your brand or concepts related to your brand, you need to control the current information that they find. It is unlikely that most consumers will go beyond the first page of a search engine. If everything on the first page is positive or relevant information, then your brand will be in good shape. It might not matter so much if there are negative articles somewhere on the Internet if nobody can find them.

Basic SEO principles apply here. A blogger would not use a common title like “Free Credit Card!” because it would be lost under a cacophony of similarly titled posts. If there is a host of positive posts about your brand, the smearing articles will be lost, like one voice in the mob.

Online reputation management is a crucial feature of branding and SEO. It can eliminate those negative posts that might deter customers while establishing the credibility of your brand.



Jason Hope Sees A Bright Future For Internet Of Things

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Jason Hope is one of the biggest investors in the tech industry. Whenever he sees a new trend in tech, Hope makes sure he’s one of the first to invest and directs the progress. Now, he has his sights set on the Internet of Things. Through the use of data sharing and collection, the Internet of Things promises to change the we live our lives for good. Jason Hope just wants to say it first.

The Internet Of Things Is Here

The Internet of Things is an often misunderstood concept. It doesn’t refer to the internet as we know, but instead to the exchange of data between common household objects on business.com. This means our refrigerator might collect some data about us, our lights might gather a little more, and all of that will combine to give our appliances a good idea about what our preferences are. Beyond our houses, IoT can change the way we travel, shop, and work. Cars can use IoT, stores may use it to improve or shopping experience, and “smart” offices may give make us more efficient.

The Way Life Changes

One of the biggest areas of life Jason Hope believes will change due to IoT is our driving experience. Self driving cars are just around the corner, and they will dramatically change the automotive experience. They can make traveling by car not only faster, but vastly improve the safety of the experience overall. Many experts on believe self driving cars will save thousands of lives per year that are currently lost to automotive accidents. There are more ways Hope believes IoT will change our lives, but this one will create some of the most visible effects through effects on employment, healthcare, and economics.

How Jason Hope Is Building The Future

Jason Hope isn’t simply standing by and predicting the future. He is in fact a major investor in many of these technologies and wants to play a direct role in promoting the Internet of Things. This isn’t the first time Jason Hope has tied his investments directly to his predictions. He’s done the same thing with his ideas about anti-aging research. His predictions are usually accurate, so when he makes a prediction people listen. We can already see some parts of his vision coming true today. However, only time will allow us to know what the future holds in entirety.

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Keith Mann: Success Starts with an Idea

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Every success begins with an idea. It is common for someone to come up with an idea. Depending on the idea, the person will be inspired to bring the idea to life. However, it takes a lot of research and diligence in order to bring forth the ideas. Among the people that have successfully brought his ideas to life is Keith Mann, an entrepreneur. He has founded Dynamics Search Partners as a branch of Dynamics Associates. Keith Mann wanted to keep the names consistent. This makes sense considering that it is part of the family of Dynamics.


The purpose Keith Mann had behind his firm is participating in alternative investments. One thing that could be said about investing is that it is important to have options. It is also important to have variety. When people take advantage of the different options they have before them, then they will build a diverse portfolio. This also gives them good reputation as investors. Keith Mann has made sure that he has built a respectable investment portfolio with his investment firm. He does the research on the companies he is interested in order to find something that is worth investing in. He also knows when to cut his losses.


Keith Mann’s most important quality is that he is a philanthropist. He is highly involved with his community because he cares about the children. Therefore, he wants to help them improve their circumstances through education. Keith Mann has donated millions of dollars towards education through scholarships and to schools in NYC. He is also very supportive of the NYPD in that he understands that they put up with a lot of scary circumstances. He also has a relative in law enforcement. Keith Mann has found inspiration in the idea of improving his community as well as growing his business.


New Chairman Replaces Jim Rothenberg at Capital Group

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Tim Armour was named chairman of Capital Group, home of American Funds, one of the world’s leading investment management firms, on July 28,2015.

Capital Group began business in 1931 in Los Angeles California. It is one of the oldest and longest running investment firms, with offices in the US, Canada, and Asia. it provides research and investments services to investors.

Tim Armour will collaborate with senior members of the firm’s management committee to set, communicate, and implement Capital’s business strategies and operations. Though the change of leadership has been underway for several years, the untimely passing of former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg at age 69, lead to the formalized succession of Tim Armour to being named chairman of Capital Group.

At the time of Jim Rothenberg death, Tim served under him, as a key deputy among executives of the Capital’s management committee. The committee has helped to advance in-house research design to strengthen long-term benefits of certain kinds of active fund management.

Tim Armour began his long career with Capital through the company’s Associate Program in 1983. During his 32 tenure with Capital he served as an equity investment manager covering global telecommunications and US service companies and as an equity portfolio manager, a position that he held before being named chairman of Capital Group.

He has played a key role in Capital’s decisions over recent years to lift the veil of secrecy around it’s operations and to engage more with the media.

His position on Capital’s eight-person management committee, which is referred by Capital as a collegiate style of management, gives the company an advantage of moving forward more quickly and without interruption in business when there is a death, illness, or a departure of a key individual.

The collegiate committee style of management was created by Jon Lovelace in 1953. He divided each portfolio among several managers. The “Capital system” as it became called served to protect the company against potential “stars” who could impact a portfolio if they should leave the company.

Armour with senior members Rob Lovelace, president of Capital Research and Management Company and Phil de Toledo president of Capital group will join forces to carryout Capital business and principles.

Armour has a BA in economics from Middlebury College.


Three Must-Knows for NCAAF Betting Newbies

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Maybe you used to bet on college football and got out of the habit. Maybe you’ve always wanted to bet but never gotten around to it. Either way, even though the regular NCAAF Division I season has ended for this year, the postgame season—including the ever-popular Bowl games—is just around the corner, and there are still plenty of opportunities to dive into the college football betting pool. If you’re new to (or simply out of practice with) betting in the NCAAF, these three tips will help you start off your postgame season betting with a win.



  1. Understand College Betting



This may seem obvious, but if you’re going to bet on college football, you need to understand how the betting system works—particularly if you’re brand-new to the NCAAF betting world. Before you catch yourself typing “college football odds” and “how to place an NCAAF bet” in Google, make sure you have a foundational understanding of what spread betting is, how football odds are calculated, and what factors to consider when placing bets of your own. Sites like Covers.com can help you jumpstart your background research and get you ready to place your first bet.



  1. Know Your Teams



Once you’ve got your background research covered—or if you know that stuff already—the next step is to be sure you know everything you can about the teams, their history this season, and their odds (you want to know what you’re betting on, right?). This could seem like a big task, but have no fear: Covers.com’s Sports Betting News page has you covered. Use this page to brush up on this season’s highs and lows, best players, and favorite teams, then place your bets here, at the site’s sportsbook page—if you know your stuff, your bets can’t go wrong.



  1. Stay Up-to-Date



College football odds change after every game, so it’s crucial that you keep up with the latest stats and odds (you don’t want to place a bad bet, do you?). For the most up-to-date NCAAF odds, Covers.com is (once again) the place to go—their site is constantly updating itself with the most recent odds, ensuring that you’re betting with the most recent information possible. Covers.com also keeps you updated with live game scores and has an active posting forum for users to discuss odds and bets—again, all designed to keep you in the loop as you bet. And the icing on the cake? Covers.com also has its own list of recommended sportsbooks, making it a convenient site to place bets as well.





Status Labs Is Legendary In The Online Reputation Management World

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Status Labs is staffed by professionals who work diligently to deliver on their clients’ wants and needs. What the clients both want and need is to get their reputations back. Status Labs’ main focus is doing all that is necessary to reverse anything negative online that could be ruining a reputation. Reputations mean a lot of things. For a business, a reputation represents a well-established brand that needs to be healthy in order to deliver sales. On a personal level, a reputation defines who a person is. When reputations are harmed, personal and professional lives can be devastated.

Status Labs was launched on October 15, 2010 in Austin, TX. The proverbial ball started rolling in 2011 when the company put a lot of effort into getting the purpose and value of reputation management across to the public. The public did not only include potential clients. Reputation management is a wing of public relations and digital marketing. A great many professional organizations and publications had to be sung the praises of reputation management. Doing so assisted with promoting the services — and the company — throughout the industry.

Co-founder Darius Fisher never tired in his quest to draw attention to the company. Fisher was once employed as a copywriter so he knows marketing and promotions are necessary for any business to be successful. By making himself accessible for interviews, Fisher helped draw attention to Status Labs. Fisher also came up with novel promotional strategies that ended up garnering even more attention. As a prolific writer and public speaker on all things reputation management-related, Fisher has led his company to its current premiere industry position. Heartfelt and sincere articles definitely put a personable face on the company. People feel good about the company after reading the articles. Making the decision to become a client becomes a lot easier this way.

And there are a lot of clients. 1,500+ people have signed up for Status Labs’ services. The list of clients is enormously impressive. A number of major businesses are on that client list. So are some very high-profile persons.

The company has grown to an outstanding degree in only a few years. A Manhattan and a San Paulo office were opened to handle the large volume of client interest. A Los Angeles office is in the works and there are sure to be more locations appearing in the future. The massive revenues Status Labs has generated are reflective of atypical growth for a startup. Status Labs presents services people need and has done a wonderful job of marketing said services.

The world has taken note of the great work Status Labs has done. No less of an industry publication giant than Inc. Magazine has cast a spotlight on the firm. Inc. Magazine named Status Labs to its top 500 list of the “Fastest-Growing Companies”. Status Labs is ranked at 339, which is impressive. Scores of highly-impressive companies could not even make the list. Status Labs debuted at a respectable number. Look for more big things from the company in the years to come.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/statuslabs/


Securus: Helping To Connect Loved Ones

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Securus Technologies is a company that provides a number of services. The services include government information, tracking individuals on parole, and communications with inmates. It was founded in 1986 and currently works with more than 2,500 facilities. It will soon be in all the States of America.


Securus has provided services for more than a million inmates countrywide, and the number continues to grow. Its headquarters is in Dallas, TX. The company has expanded countrywide to include a couple of regional offices in their hometown and one in Atlanta. The services that the firm provides have been revolutionary in enhancing the experience that inmates have with their loved ones. They now have “Anywhere Visit” which allows them to communicate through video at a convenient time in case they are not able to make it to the prison. This has saved many people the burden of visitation lines or traveling for long distances if they reside far from the facility.


Securus Family Communication during Xmas” is a video that shows how video communication service brings families together during the special moments. It indicates that inmates can still experience the joys of the holidays even though they cannot be together with their families in person. This is better than nothing. There is a particular scene in the video where a child video chats with his father early on Christmas morning. His father is a detainee. The son is excited to see his dad. When the child is asked whether he has opened his present, he says that he was waiting for his father. The father then asks him to go and open his presents downstairs. The scene then moves to the scene where his son is opening the presents. The child is happy and smiles as he shows his dad the gifts that he has gotten.


Christmas would have been dull without Securus. It would be an ordinary day for both parties, each wishing that the other was there with them to share the festivities. Securus gave them a chance to have a moment on Christmas. The father was there to see his child as he grew up. People went to see the inmates in prison before video communication with detainees was possible. Technology has enabled Securus to take the prisoners home. It has allowed the inmates to experience the outside world and to see more of their families. This has been a sure way of bringing happiness and great memories to both parties.


Lovaganza Uses Cutting-Edge Technology for their 2020 Worldwide Celebrations

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The Lovaganza is a global entertainment entity that invites people to discover all the cultures and nations of the earth. It helps people to understand what unifies them and make them unique. Jean Francois and Genevieve Gagnon founded Lovaganza in 2012 with the aim of preparing humanity for a completely new world. Lovaganza operates in two entities; The Lovaganza Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the brand, and the second entity, is The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, a profit based body that brings money for the Foundation.

The Cutting-Edge Technology

The entertainment franchise has used music, clothing, and literature to teach about other cultures. Lovaganza has developed IMMERSCOPE in their quest to display the different culture in the world. IMMERSCOPE is a new technology that incorporates the past, present and the future, giving an immersive experience while watching movies, exhibitions, shows, live events, and different attractions. The new immersive technology comes just at the time when Lovaganza Traveling Show is set to begin.

Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy

Currently, Lovaganza is busy filming The Lovaganza Convoy trilogy that will air in 2018 as a movie and a television series. The aim of the movies is to give the viewers a trip around the world through the large 180 degrees 3D IMMERSCOPE screen on their traveling theaters. The trilogy will also air on the other 3D and 2D movie theaters. The trilogy consists of the “Follow the Sunshine,” “The Prophecy,” and “The New World” set to release in 2018, 2019, and 2020 consecutively. Lovaganza crew in Frigiliana Spain has started filming Marie- Ange Casta movie. The production is underway in Spain, U.S, and France with the major producers such as Werner Bros Studios, Lancaster Movies, Sunshine Shop, and the Hollywood California.

Read more: “Lovaganza Begins Recording Musical Soundtrack for Animated Film Series, “”The Marvelous 12,”” at Historic Abbey Road Studios”

Lovaganza Traveling Convoy

The Lovaganza Traveling Convoy brings the audience the immersive entertainment that allows them to explore the different cultures in the world through the IMMERSCOPE screens. The show that begins in 2017 will present the audience with free 3D glasses in addition to the immersive cinematic experience. The Lovaganza convoy comes ahead of the Lovaganza worldwide celebrations in 2020.

The Lovaganza Convoy will present the animated series titled “The Marvelous 12.” The animated series will give a description of The Lovaganza Convoy Films and will air in the cinemas and the traveling theaters. The series was recorded at Abbey Road Studios located in London. The Lovaganza founders composed every musical piece in the animated series and the producers are in the process of making the soundtrack for “The Marvelous 12.”

The 2020 Worldwide Celebrations

The worldwide Lovaganza celebrations are set to take place for four months from September 2020. The climax will be a “Hands across the World Ceremony” in the final month of celebrations. The ceremony will take place in different locations including Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Middle East, and Oceania. The 2020 Lovaganza Worldwide Celebrations were set for 2015 before postponement to allow inclusion of the latest technological advancements and bring their immersive cinematic experience to the world. They intend to display all culture in the world using music, live events, motion picture, and exhibitions.

Get a sneak peek of Lovaganza 2020 on DesignIdeas.pics


Smart Lighting is Smart for Business

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Home and business owners can have heightened energy efficiency by incorporating the use of smart lighting into their personal and commercial properties. Smart or intelligent lighting is activated by using sensors inside LED lighting fixtures. The messages that these sensors communicate regarding energy consumption, light levels, and more allows adjustments to be made remotely. This can tremendously improve the usage of energy in a building or home space. In the US alone, 65% of energy is used by commercial properties, and a great portion of this energy is used just to keep the lights on. Retail, hospitality, logistics, and office building spaces require substantially more energy than the average home does. Fortunately, we live in an era where smart lighting can help these organizations become more energy efficient and lower their carbon emissions by incorporating the green technology innovation of smart lighting. This is a function that encompasses light dimming, occupancy sensing, motion detection, daylight sensing, and more.

Gooee is an enterprise IOT lighting solutions provider for the commercial businesses mentioned above. They provide applications that assist businesses in ‘achieving energy savings of up to 90%.’ One of the components that commercial property owners will find extremely beneficial is the intelligent lighting energy savings. This will be particularly more cost and energy efficient for industrial properties in logistics. Using Gooee’s sensor controlled smart algorithms, lighting will be scheduled for optimal settings based upon factors such as how much work activity is going on in a particular area, the time of day, and ambient light levels.


Getting Handyman Services Is Easy With Handy

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There are some handyman services that can’t be completed by those that live in a home, so they may seek out service providers to put in a fan, change light bulbs in high ceiling sockets, fix appliances, paint the home and to clean the home as well. It’s unbelievable that all these services could be located within one company, but Handy has all of these services and more. Even those that need assembly services that involve putting up their TV or the furniture that they just purchased can be fulfilled by Handy workers. Handy is best known for their cleaning services.

Even with the home cleaning services being so popular, Handy still makes a very hefty profit from its other services, especially their Handyman services. Many people will have the need at one point or another for assembly services, which can include furniture, TV stands, night stands, computer desks and more. Even though all of these pieces of furniture may come with instructions, not everyone is good at putting together these items, and some just don’t have the time to put them together, so this kind of service is necessary. Similar to getting a Handy cleaner out to the home, anyone can get someone to their home for handyman services.

Businesses have a lot of needs as well for handyman services, especially since many businesses will have light fixtures and more that need installation. Sometimes as wazzuppilipinas.com says, a light fixture may go out, or due to the summer heat, the need for a fan installation will arise, so Handy is a great company to call on. Fulfilling the needs of anyone that wants services from Handy is so easy because they’ve created a website that can be accessed by anyone with Internet access. Anyone can create an account, and the account holder can choose any date that they want to have the service performed.

Most people prefer to have the service persons come out the very next day, but some may even look for a future date that may be weeks in advance, which is possible to do on the Handy website. Since there are several services to choose from, anyone who needs more than one service can possibly pick all of them on the same date or different dates, it’s completely up to the account holder. Handy wants every one of their customers to be happy and satisfied with their services, and they’ve satisfied many customers to date.

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