InnovaCare’s Leadership steering it towards becoming a Leader in Healthcare Provision

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Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental human right. The US federal government has been actively developing healthcare programs and plans to ensure more people can access and afford quality health care services. To achieve this objective, the government makes use of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Under the Medicare plan, people are able to choose between enrolling in the original Medicare and upgrading to a Medicare Advantage Plan. The original Medicare is provided by the federal government exclusively and covers hospital expenses (Part A) and medical expenses (Part B). The cover allows you to access healthcare services from any hospital or doctor in the country.

While the original Medicare gives you access to countrywide healthcare services like InnovaCare Health, you may need to enroll for various Medicare Advantage Plans to enjoy additional medical services not included in the original Medicare cover. Medicare Advantage Plans are privately provided healthcare plans where private companies sign contracts with the government to extend the services.

The common Medicare Advantage Plans include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS). Apart from the above plans, you may also need specialized plans such as Provider Sponsored Organizations (PSOs), Special Needs Plans (SNPs), and Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSAs).

All Medicare Advantage Plans will enable you to access all the services covered under the original Medicare. This implies that you will be required to pay your Part A and Part B premiums where applicable. Alternatively, your Medicare Advantage Plan could provide all Part A and Part B services albeit at terms and conditions different from those outlined in the original Medicare.

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Most Medicare Advantage Plans will cover additional health care services not included in the original Medicare cover. While you may have medical expenses for dental checkups, vision care, or joining a wellness program covered by Medicare Advantage Plans, it is important to check with your provider first before taking any service.

All Medicare Advantage Plans must also limit your out-of-pocket expenses on health care services. In 2016, the limit was set at $6850 for all the holders of HMOs. Additionally, you are protected from paying beyond the limit set by the original Medicare for copays involving services such as chemotherapy or dialysis.

It is important to note that most Advantage Plans are location sensitive and may require you to get a referral from your primary provider before accessing services from other areas.

InnovaCare is leading in the provision of Medicare Advantage Plans in North America. Led by a highly experienced team, InnovaCare remains committed to providing unique and personalized healthcare services to its clients. Its current President and CEO, Dr. Rick Shinto, is a symbol of commitment and professionalism having been a clinical officer for over 20 years.

InnovaCare also enjoys the leadership of Penelope Kokkinides who is currently serving as the organization’s Chief Administration Officer. Ms. Penelope Kokkinides brings on board over 20 years of experience handling government health care programs and managed care services.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: https://www.pmcpr.org/nonmembers/corporate/ceo.html


EOS: Why You Should Try It

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It’s official. Summer is nearing it’s end which means the colder months are approaching. No matter if you are a fan of the colder weather or not, its inevitable that we are all about to experience some dry, chapped lips which can be very uncomfortable. Finding the right lip balm can be a bit of a task- there is a lot of brands to choose from. It’s important to find a trustworthy, desirable brand. One brand that carried lip balms is EOS, otherwise known on Facebook as Evolution of Smooth. They have a wide variety of flavors available on evolutionofsmooth.com to choose from and all provide instant moisture to the lips, while being super cost effective and easy to find.

Evolution of Smooth is known for being an all natural, environmentally friendly product. They do not test on animals and are also gluten-free and hypoallergenic. ANYONE can use these awesome lip products! They come in all sorts of flavors, and you can even purchase EOS hand lotions that are scented and moisturize the skin as well as they do the lips. You will instantly fall in love with this vibrant line of ball shaped lip balms.

You can find EOS products at most places, like a CVS, Target or Walmart. You can even order them online at the ever popular site, Amazon. You can visit their Facebook page and view the variety of products they offer. These average about three dollars per lip balm, which proves to be a lot less than other medicated unnatural lip balms. Stop at your local store today to stock up for those colder months approaching!

Check out http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245



Nutrimost Seeks Justice For Pirating Scandal by Rival

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This generation’s weight loss pioneer, Nutrimost has recently filed an enormous lawsuit against its rival company, Healthy Living. Healthy Living has allegedly plagiarized one of Nutrimost’s high-conversion promotional videos.

According to credible sources, the suit claims that Healthy Living posted the same video, sans the text that boasts the Nutrimost brand name and the proceeded to replace it with “The Can’t Lose Diet.” The rip-off of this video took place on the Cantlosediet.com website.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Nutrimost’s attorneys also state that every detail of the video is exactly identical- except for the replacement of the brand name with the name of “Can’t Lose Diet” per the documents filed to the Federal court in Manhattan.

Healthy Living also retained all the original testimonials meant to testify in behalf of Nutrimost’s diet. It was reported that even after Nutrimost sent healthy Living a cease and desist order that they insisted on keeping the video up and disregarded any consideration of imposing copyright infringement damages on the Nutrimost brand name and company reputation.

Since official papers were filed with the Federal court, Healthy Living has finally taken Nutrimost seriously in their efforts to get justice for this matter and have alas removed the video indefinitely from everywhere it was published on the web.

However, Nutrimost is showing no signs of backing down and is still seeking over 300,000 dollars in damages for losses caused by the theft of the video.

Nutrimost is a viable company in the weight loss niche that has garnered an unprecedented reputation and has built its company as of late on its scientifically and medically proven “Ultimate Fat Loss System.”

The “Ultimate Fat Loss System” is a diet that claims and has proven that it can assist dieters in losing from 20lbs to 40lbs in only a month and 10 days (40 days.)




Susan McGalla and Her Success in the World of Business

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In the past, women in the business world have faced many challenges. From pay inequality and lack of boardroom representation, there have been legitimate struggles for women looking to climb to the top of the corporate ladder. Thanks to both government and non-government organizations promoting women in business on corporate-ir.net, the world of business is more open to women than ever before. However, though there has been some positive changes since decades past, women still need to be proactive in reaching their career goals.

The highest echelons of the business world is arguably one of the most difficult career paths for women to break into http://bitsylink.com/2015/09/25/susan-mcgalla-as-a-high-performing-business-woman-in-the-corporate-world/. But women aren’t letting that stop them. Thanks to their hard work and innate networking and communication skills, women are natural leaders, which is an important key to success.

As with any career path, women helping other women reach their goals in becoming leaders is crucial. Veteran businesswomen like Susan McGalla are taking the lead and using their knowledge and experience to encourage and mentor younger women looking to break into the field.

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Susan McGalla – About.me

Susan P. McGalla | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Susan McGalla is a successful businesswoman who knows what it takes to succeed and stay on top in this often male-dominated field. Susan McGalla believes that being a hard worker is one of the most important traits a woman needs to succeed in the business world. Staring out, McGalla knew she was destined to succeed and used that faith in herself to guide her to her own goals. She knows that nothing is free and you have to earn your place in the business world; she believes in the importance of recognizing your own potential and utilizing it to achieve your dreams.

Susan McGalla is the the founder of Pittsburgh-based P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, and is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her experience and insight is sought out by top business executives in the areas of talent management, marketing and more. McGalla worked at the Joseph Horne Company from 1986-1994 before taking a position at American Eagle Outfitters where her determination and work ethic earned her the roles of President and Chief Merchandising Officer. McGalla left that position with the intention being a private consultant but was asked by Wet Seal to become its CEO, a position she took up in 2011. Susan McGalla left Wet Seal and now works as a consulting expert.



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I have never been a big fan of the prison technology solution industry. However, in the recent event where Securus shone light to the wrongdoings of GTL made me have a change of heart. Like everyone else who has been using services offered by these companies, whether calls or video connection, I for the longest time had the misconception that they were all after taking advantage of desperate clients. Clients that saw them as the only means to connect their loved ones with the outside world and make their stay in prison more comfortable.


This is just a misunderstanding. A bad experience with one of the players in the industry would lead to negative perception of the whole industry. Glad that people know better now. This is after Securus took the bold step to highlight the lack of integrity in GTL. For the longest time GTL had been treating their customers with total lack of integrity. Years ago, the company had been penalized after been charged with the crime of overcharging, double charging and even adding time on calls so as to take advantage of the unsuspecting clients. This is a classic case of greed. Unluckily, this was projected to the whole industry. Reason being that even after being convicted, they did not try the least bit to change.


Securus, recently awarded with an A+ rating from BBB, decided that it was time they spoke on behalf of the whole industry. The industry’s reputation had been severed and f nothing was done, they faced extinction. GTL has been given enough chances to change. Or what would you say about being given 18 years just to change? Big up to Securus and other companies like it who do everything they can to protect industry clients and industry reputation.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.


Using Search Cleanup To Make Your Digital Reputation Positive Again

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Online reputation management is becoming a necessary part of doing business. No matter what industry sector you or your company serve, people are going to say things about you online. While you cannot control what people say directly, you can help prevent the spread of bad publicity. When negative content does surface, the best way to fight it is to have positive content published that outweighs the bad. You not only want good press surfacing about you or your company, you also want to make sure your employees or fellow executives also are receiving good publicity. The key in all of this is making sure the first page of search results for you or your company are positive results, as well as social media pages.

Probably one of the largest sources for attacks on a company’s reputation is on review sites, or competitor company blogs. Sometimes the reviews posted about your company are completely false, sometimes even from automated accounts with information pre-programmed into them. Other times they may be customers who had a bad experience with your company, sometimes an experience that’s been resolved, but sometimes only partial truths are stated in the posts. When bad reviews are posted, you might be tempted to lash out at the people who posted them, but that can lead to damaging your reputation even more.

The best solution to dealing with bad search results is to try and have the content removed if possible. If untrue or defamatory content is posted, you might be able to have it removed by filing a lawsuit if necessary, but sometimes all you need to get rid of bad content is a company like SearchCleanup.com. This company will clean up negative news about your company and have them removed through their proprietary methods.

SearchCleanup.com can clean up bad news online, so it’s wise to contact them right away for your case. All you have to do is go to the website and fill out the information form and a specialist will contact you about how they’ll address your search results. You’ll also get a free quote on their service price. Find Search Cleanup on Facebook to learn more.


Madison Street Capital Releases Report on 2016 M&A Forecast

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A recent article on pr.com detailed a report put out by Madison Street Capital covering the state of the Mergers and Acquisitions market. In the report Madison street detailed the current rise in mergers and acquisitions market, then detailed some of the reasons for the increase.

The report by Madison Street Capital showed that 42 deals were either announced or closed by hedge funds in 2015. That is a marked increase from the 32 reported 2014. The transaction volume also reportedly increased by 27 percent over the same period of time. The surge in activity in the fourth quarter of 2015, along with several other factors, are creating significant deal making momentum, indicating 2016 could be record breaking year for merger and acquisitions activity by hedge funds.

Assets held by hedge fund are at record highs even though most hedge strategies only had a mediocre performance in 2015. This is because despite the lackluster performance of the hedge funds institutional investors are eagerly investing in merger and acquisition deals.

Institutional investors are making these allocations in the sector with hopes of getting higher returns required to cover their increasing liabilities. At the same time, many managers of smaller hedge funds are finding it increasingly difficult to attract new investment capital causing the portfolio to operate below optimal capacity. Managers are dealing with pressure to lower fees, while simultaneously incurring higher operational costs. As a result of these factors, hedge fund managers are considering alternative strategies.

Karl D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital indicated the environment for deal making will be even stronger in 2016 than in 2015, with many different deal structures used to make accommodations for both buyers and sellers. Revenue share stakes, incubator deals, profit and earnings stakes and bolt-on deals along with traditional merger and acquisitions are some of the ways these deals are being structured.

Madison Street Capital which was founded in 2005 is a leading middle market investment banking firm with offices around the world. Madison Street provide financial services in a variety areas such as business valuation, corporate advisory, valuation for financial reporting purposes and financial opinions.

Madison Street provides merger and acquisition advisory services for their clients including providing the true value of the company in question. Finding the true value of the company is essential before any mergers and acquisitions activity can proceed because it provides a clear understanding of the companies worth and future prospects.

Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and maintains offices in Africa and Asia. With these offices the company has the extensive relationships to provide clients, both buyers and sellers, with the best match for their particular business needs.

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The Nation Columnist Repudiates Glen Beck for his Anti-Semitic Rant on George Soros

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The sentiments by made by Glen Beck that George Soros was running a shadow government; hell bent on destroying the American political system bears echoes of past anti-Semitic line of attacks says Jonathan Schell of the Nation. In piece published in December, 2010 Shell was astonished that anti-Semitic elements, from governments to individuals continue to prop their hateful agenda every 100 years or so with utmost consistency to the chagrin of the masses. The situation gets even worse when anti-Semitic brigades are only left with crazier considerations, as this raises the possibility of even crazier actions. Examples of historical tyrants include Hitler and Stalin. In the early 1950’s under Stalin’s watch, anti-Semitic trials permeated much of Soviet occupied Eastern Europe.

During that time, many people were accused of “cosmopolitanism” and Zionism. Interestingly, the anti-Semitic purge by Stalin was only cut short following his death, Shell added. The anti-Semitic wave being witnessed in later years is largely fed by the events that took place at the start of the 20th Century, thanks to the infamous forged proclamation of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” the writer observes. Under this plan, Jews were falsely accused of secretly planning to subvert regimes everywhere and take over the world. To the contrary, totalitarian took over took advantage of the conspiracy to perpetuate fear and justify their intentions of world domination. To achieve this mirror effect, totalitarians decided to remove themselves from facts and reality through contempt.

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George Soros – Forbes

The Greatest Investors: George Soros

One way to do this is purporting to account for the inner operations of history to divorce from facts. Non factuality then became the fodder the conspiracy theorist needed to make their plans work. However, the satisfaction of embracing world fantasy was detrimental to those who believed in organized insanity and fact checking. A flashback today reveals that every time there is need to create an illusion of reality in the political front, an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory is advanced. This makes the removal of factuality appear more like a release from burden and a potent liberation to tumultuous and often frustrating efforts of seeing thing as they are according to George Soros Ukraine. Back to Glen Beck, the author acknowledges that Beck takes right-wing entertainment to a whole new level thanks to likeminded prodigies like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.

Schell observed that the Fox contributor can switch between different positions in an instant; like turning from a weepy, self abasing recovering alcoholic to an abrasive moralist. He adds that most demagogues have something like a clown in them, but this is more deliberate and controlled in case of Beck because of his political clout as a revered member of the Tea Party. A similar rhetoric is replicated by the Republican Party, which often denies the facts and reality as most totalitarians do. For example, their incessant branding of Obama as a Socialist, foreigner or Muslim. In conclusion, Schell avows that it is easy to assess Beck’s career as nothing more than fraud, However, his centrality in the scheme of things makes this idea obstinate.

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George Soros Starts Making Bold Investments in Gold

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George Soros has been able to maintain his billions through wise investment. He understands how the world markets evolve over time, and he is watching the markets in America shift in the middle of an election. He has given money to help election causes for progressives, but CNBC reports that George Soros also knows that he needs to make sure that he protects his money. He is moving money out of America, and he is going into bold investments in gold.

Gold and gold stocks are very important and stable investments that anyone can try, and George Soros is using these investments to help stabilize money that he just pulled out of America. His money is tied up in a lot of different places, but he is not willing to sit there and watch as his money starts to lose its value. The value of all his investments will rise again when he gets into gold, and he is even working with gold producers on new investments.

Someone who wants to have a chance to invest well should make sure that they are doing the things that George Soros is doing. He has the best idea of how to save money and make money, and he knows that he can do a lot better today if he goes into gold. The CNBC report shows that he is moving fast to put his money into gold, and he could even become one of the biggest players in the world gold market because of his investments that are going into production. The production of gold is something that a lot of people need to take very seriously, and it is even more important for people to make sure that they are investing in stable items like gold as soon as possible.

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George Soros | The New York Review of Books

There are many people who will make more money when they follow the example and go into gold. George Soros made a lot of money on currency, and now he will use the same approach with the gold investments he has turned to.

George Soros is also one of the beacons of reason in the investment world. He is telling people who are listening that he wants to be more careful with his money, and he is advising other people to watch politics to see how the economy responds. He knows that the American elections will change things, and he does not want to be caught short when the election ends. He will be better prepared, and he will have a chance to move onto better investments when the economy levels off. Everyone who checks out the report on George Soros will learn that moving into gold is a wise decision.

Learn more about George Soros:




NutriMost: For Weight Loss that Stays Lost

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Losing weight is an activity millions of Americans engage in constantly. However according to NYC Fatloss, long term success, meaning weight loss that stays lost, is elusive.That’s where NutriMost is an alternative to traditional diet plans. NutriMost is organized around a healthy menu with reduced portion sizes. Many clients report losing five pounds per week on average.

Losing a substantial amount of fat and keeping it off will make you look better and feel better about your appearance. The real advantage of NutriMost isn’t your looks, though. It’s your health. People who follow the Nutrimost system often experience lower blood pressure. Their cholesterol level tends to go down. Many find that they no longer need to take the medications commonly prescribed for these health problems. Some have even reported improvement in their sleep patterns or symptoms of diabetes.

Each person has a different body and metabolism. This is the key to understanding how NutriMost works when other systems don’t The professionals at nutrimost.com take careful measurements of the client’s body and physical characteristics. Using unique technology, the NutriMost system produces a customized diet plan designed for the individual. The logic of the NutriMost approach makes a lot of sense. Using these special methods, this system results in a plan that is accurately geared address to the needs of the client at one individual. It’s no wonder the results are good, or that clients keep weight off once they have lost it.



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