Bruce Levenson and the Selling of the Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson is a Washington DC born philanthropist who was born on October 1, 1949. He spent most of his younger life in Chevy Chase, Maryland and graduated from Washington University and American University. He is married to Karen Boyarsky and together they have three children. His first company was founded with his good friend Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The company was titled United Communications Group and was based out of Levenson’s apartment. The pair worked on “Oil Express” which was a newsletter they published. It covered everything to do with the oil industry, but as the company gre so did the amount of information. Their newsletter soon covered healthcare, technology, energy, telecommunications, and mortgage banking. They even own a smartphone application called “GasBuddy” that locates the lowest priced gas stations. Bruce Levenson is most well known for being a majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks with his partner Ed Peskowitz. The two purchased the team and the Phillips arena in 2004. Levenson sold his share of the company in 2014 after ten years of ownership. He used Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs to help him sell the basketball team and the Philips Arena operating rights.


For many months there were two groups leading the auction. One group was comprised of Steve Kaplan, minority owner of the Grizzlies, teaming up with Jason Levien, Grizzlies former CEO, and billionaires Handy Poernomo and Erick Thohir. The second groups was comprised of Mark Rachesky, who works for Lionsgate Entertainment, Steve Starker, a New York investment banker, and Jesse Itzler. The investment firm guaranteed that Bruce Levenson that the Atlanta Hawks and the arena’s operating rights would at least get $1 billion. Sadly for Levenson that wasn’t the case. Goldman Sachs was about 30% off the $730 million winning bid from what could be considered a late entry into the auction Tony Ressler, the co-founder of Ares Management LP, Grant Hill a NBA All-Star, Rick Schnall, Clayton Dubilier, and Sara Blakely, thee owner of Spanx. Although Levenson will make a large profit off of selling the basketball team and arena, many believe that he could have made more if he hadn’t oversold the price. A few of the groups that were part of the auctioning stated that they would have pair much more if the arena had been more maintained. According to reports the weight-rooms and the arena luxury boxes were below NBA standards .

BRL Trust: Write an Article About This Company

BRL Trust is a well established investment firm that is dedicated to rendering reliable service in a wide range of business and investment areas. When seeking investment advice or guidance, you need to conduct a thorough research and make sure you select a company that is honest and reputable. It is absolutely necessary to find out how the company’s clients feel about the services they have received from the firm.

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BRL Trust is a reputable investment firm and with operations in several business areas, the company, through transparency, integrity and trust, serves both individuals and institutional clients. The company abides by the law and complies with regulations in Brazil and the investment industry. They aim to meet the needs of their clients, and they take steps to the best possible outcome for their clients. If you’re seeking a trusted investment company, BRL Trust is a great choice.

Brazilian Investor Tells All

How awesome would it be to hear from one of the world’s greatest investors about one of the world’s up and coming economies? Well wish no more, because that is exactly what you will get when you speak of Igor Cornelsen. He is a wizard of investing, and he is now speaking on all matters related to the Brazilian economy.

The big issue in the country as of late has been around the politics of that area. The President of Brazil has shown that she is not willing to move very far away from the populist politics that have shown zero economic growth in the area. It is something that is troubling to investors because they want a more conservative leader in the area who can really juice things up.

There have also been some scandals in the business world in Brazil that have had many turning away from that market in disgust. However, they may be doing so too early. As it turns out, there are many more who are willing to step in and soak up the money that can be made in an emerging economy such as this one. The country has some 200 million or so people living there (making it the 5th largest by population and size on earth). It is certainly not the kind of place that one should overlook.

Cornelsen has offered some common sense tips when it comes to putting money to work in Brazil. He says that one should connect with the native people in that land, be prepared for red tape (regulation), and know about the restrictions around foreign currency.

On the first point, it is always a good idea to connect with the base of people that you wish to sell to. However, many overlook this in their excitement to start working in a new market. That is a big mistake, but one that can be easily corrected with patience. Always be patient and learn about the market before jumping into it.

The red tape part may be difficult to get around. Brazil has a lot of regulations that are designed to protect consumers, but often hinder businesses in the process.

Finally, the foreign currency restrictions are a big one. There are extremely tight controls on the inflow of foreign currencies into the Brazilian market. It is vital to study these restrictions and attempt to work with them in order to get your money into play in the country.

Christopher Lee Will Be Remembered for His Quintessential Villain Portrayals

Film making lost a legend of the silver screen today. Christopher Lee, who has thrilled movie-goers for several decades died today at the age of 93. He had been hospitalized for heart failure and respiratory problems. He was born in London, England in 1922, so he enjoyed a long and distinguished life.

His career began in the mid to late 1940’s, after he served his country in World War II. He was in numerous movies throughout the late 40’s and throughout the 50’s but it was his role as Dracula in “The Horror of Dracula” in 1958 that is remembered today as one of his early stand-out performances. He did some other horror films as well but also expanded to other works to try to avoid being typecast in one genre. This led him to Hollywood where he was a Bond Villain in the 70’s and also had a role in Airport ’77. Sam Tabar knows that Lee worked fairly late into his career. Fans of the Star Wars movies will never forget him as Count Dooku in a couple of the prequels and he also made a mark for himself with younger audiences as an evil wizard in the Lord of the Rings movies. He was typically cast as the bad guy and he did play an excellent villain. He will be missed, but as with all the truly magnetic stars before him, he will live on forever through his movies.

Payoff for Choosing Stock Instead of Cash

When someone completes a painting job for a small company that is just starting up, how do they ask to be paid? The man who painted the offices of Facebook decided that he would rather be paid in stock than in cash, and that decision has really paid off for him.

It seems that the artist who painted the offices of Facebook back when it was just beginning asked for stock instead of cash for the job that he completed says Alexei Beltyukov. This artist didn’t know how things would turn out for him, but he decided to take a risk. This was a risk that was worth taking. It seems that the thousands of dollars that the artists would have received have turned into two hundred million dollars now. This was an investment that was worth taking. This was an investment that paid off well for the artist.

Haidar Barbouti is a Man of Many Talents

Haidar Barbouti comes from a family that’s always speculated in various real estate dealings since the 1980s. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Haidar has an interest in commercial real estate. Although he studied at Columbia University in real estate development and business, his interests also include children and his love for animals. Today Haidar stays busy managing a number of commercial properties from Texas to the east coast. However, the Highland Village Shopping Center is obviously one of his favorite properties where he devotes his time and energy.

Barbouti purchased the shopping property in 1990, which is situated in Houston. After acquiring the investment property, Barbouti used his creative genius to breathe new life into the historic district by recruiting several new retailers to meet the demands of the high-end community.

As the manager of redevelopment, daily operations and leasing negotiations, Haidar signed up big retail names like Create & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Starbucks, Apple Store and Williams-Sonoma.

However, regardless of the many fine retailers he brought in, something was still missing. This high-end property needed an upscale restaurant to cater to the wealthy and serve the finest culinary experience.

After traveling abroad, Haidar was inspired by European open-air restaurants that served exquisite food in a relaxed and tasteful setting. Although, he didn’t have a background or experience in setting up restaurants, his desire for good food and management experience led the way for him to design and open Up Restaurant in the Highland Village Center. Today, restaurant patrons enjoy the ambiance and gourmet foods made fresh daily, which are served in ample portions.

Whether it was destiny calling or Haidar’s love of animals, by 2008 Haidar found himself involved with a new project called the Highland Village Adoption Center. He was contacted by a group who wanted to reduce the euthanasia of local animals. Although the group had formulated a campaign program called “Home for the Holidays”, they were desperate for a place to run their operation.

Haidar was immediately impressed with their goals and provided space free of charge in the shopping center at Highland Village. Amazingly, a couple of hundred volunteers came together to make the program a huge success and hundreds of pets were adopted.

Whether Haidar is scoping out new retail commercial operations for business opportunities or lending a helping hand to animal causes, you can be sure he’ll be giving back to the community. Find more about Barbouti on his Twitter page.

President Veitch, an Inspiration to All

Thanks to President Jonathan Veitch, Occidental College has become an academic prominence. A native Angeleno, Veitch understands how to not only improve, but grow Occidental College into an even more prestigious center for education than what is already is.

Occidental University, also known as “Oxy” has one of the most metropolitan environments in the country. With great leadership from President Jonathan Veitch, the boundaries have been pushed even further as to what humanity can do.

According to Veitch, diverse backgrounds, interests, as well as ideas, are all welcome on the Occidental campus. Veitch, over the past six years in office, has been bringing up the importance of a community within a school. For the reason, Occidental school shows an increasing emphasis on the importance of small classes and interactions between the student and the professor. As Veitch enthusiastically states, “Oxy is a place where generations of young people are allowed to grow, develop their intellectual capacities and passions”. This very quote shows his enthusiasm towards making the campus a community.

Veitch has been said to inspire students. that trait was lived up to when he organized the 125th anniversary of the founding of Occidental College. Inspiring students with notable alumni including Todd Garner ’88, Ian McKinnon ’89 and Soroosh Shambayati ’86, and Octavio Herrera ’98 and Zaryn Dentzel ’05, Veitch has lived up to his position as an inspirational president.

The celebration of the 125th anniversary since the foundation of the school was just a taste of how, in just six years president Jonathan Veitch has inspired both students and faculty. His reachable goal is to make Occidental College the main and most highly sought after liberal arts college. His goal has already been attained as it has been rated by multiple credible sources as one of the top liberal arts colleges in California if not the country.