Why You Should Rent An Apartment In London

London is a great vacation spot for vacationers who want something a little more than the traditional environment. It is a city atmosphere that has something for everyone. London has many different sights to see and is a great location for people who love art, history and even modern factors. London has various cultural engagements and has thousands of places for people to stay, including hostels, hotels and inns. While these are the most popular options, the game is changing in that more people are looking toward apartment rental as a vacation accommodation option. With new services and sites cropping up, vacationers have many options for choosing an apartment that allows them to feel like they are at home in London.

LondonEscape is a premier vacation apartment rental service. It works to connect homeowners who have unused space with vacationers who want something more than the traditional hotel stay. It is a great way for vacationers to connect with locals and even get an authentic experience when they are visiting London. They can get a feel for the way Londoners truly live and will get to experience the way life is outside of a boring hotel lobby. LondonEscape does this for vacationers to ensure that they will be staying in a safe and clean environment. They also work with the property owners to ensure that they get a fair amount of money for their rental.

The vacation apartment rental service takes many different precautions to ensure that the visitors are safe in their home away from home. They also want to make sure that the property does not get excessively damaged and that the security deposit does its job. The company will handle all of the money aspects of the rental process and will ensure that the money is kept safe and ready to use. LondonEscape is a top vacation apartment rental service because it is dedicated to both the visitors and the owners. Unlike other companies, they want both sides of the transaction to be pleased and satisfied with the rental and the trip to London.

Taking an enjoyable vacation and taking a vacation that creates more stress for you can be dependent on the accommodations. If you have an uncomfortable place to stay, your vacation will be less of an escape than what it is supposed to be; it may leave you wanting to escape the location. If you are looking for a great way to escape without sacrificing any of the amenities that you would normally have at home, a vacation apartment rental is the way to go. You don’t even have to worry about housekeeping coming into the room to swipe your things while you are out sightseeing.

The Arrival of Visual Search Technology

Visual search and product recognition programs are starting to become integrated with social media platforms. Originally, the apps where solely installed on and used with smartphones to run searches of images on consumer retail sites. Now, social media platforms such as Pinterest are integrating visual search technology.

For those not familiar how these searches are performed, the process is a relatively simple one. An image is captured and the it is used to search for retail merchandise that is the same or similar. The old concept of typing in text in a search box may end up becoming a relic of the past.

Visual search and product recognition applications could very well be the future of online shopping. The reason is people who are very busy do not always have a lot of time to search for merchandise on a large retail site that lacks a decent search function. Now, they may be familiar with the type of merchandise they are interested in buying. However, they might not know how to describe it. In general, online retail websites are pretty easy to navigate, but there are still limitations to how someone is able to search. So, customers do wish things are easier so they could make it quicker purchase.

Product and the image recognition programs helped make things a lot easier. When this concept is combined with “social engagement”, the use of the programs is going to increase.

Slyce is one company poised to make a huge name for itself in the visual search arena. The Toronto-based business has developed a popular product recognition app that works with numerous top online retailers. The company is publicly traded and has been providing visual recognition programs since early 2013.

In addition to creating its own technology, Slyce has purchased other programs and apps through acquisitions from other businesses. SnipSnap and Pounce are two of those acquisitions. As the company continues to make new acquisitions and develop more in-house projects, the greater its presence in the retail world will be.

Considering the great demand for innovative new programs and technology, visual recognition software really could change the retail landscape. Maybe this change will occur far quicker than ever imagined.

Get Great London Vacation Rentals From Skilled Officials At World Escape

London has long been one of the world’s great cities. For centuries, people have come here in search of adventure and the chance to make their fortunes. Today, vistors are still drawn to this exciting part of the world. Whether using London as a base from which to explore the entire United Kingdom or as a base from which to travel to the rest of Europe, people who visit here will want the best possible accommodations for their needs and the needs of anyone who coming with them during their trip. Those who look for places to stay will find many options right here in the heart of London.

Advanced planning is often key to finding the right kind of vacation rental for any trip. Working directly with a company such as World Escape can also help people get the right kind of rental for their vacation plans. World Escape has many kinds of London apartment rentals available to their customers. The company specializes in helping connect travelers with the bes possible accommodations for their given situation. Travelers all over the world can come here can find the ideal apartment for their entire London trip via this website.

Renting an apartment in the city of London has many varied advantages. A rental apartment here in London allows the renter to be able to experience the chance to be in the middle of one of London’s many residential neighborhoods. An apartment vacation rental allows the traveler to experience life in the center of the city where people often live and work at the same time. Many such apartments have all kinds of modern conveniences such as updated kitchens, multiple bathrooms and storage space. This can allow the traveler to be able to visit the region for prolonged period and still enjoy the comforts of home at the same time. The visitor will find many such rentals on the World Escape site, allowing them to pick and choose which one is right for their needs and plans.

The right kind of rental can help make any trip to this city even more fun and wonderful. A rental in the center of the city allows the person easy access to the rest of the London and lets them stay here late at night and enjoy excellent access to the city’s many impressive and renowned theaters as well as the city’s much adored pubs.

Purina PetCare Taught Me How To Train My Puppy

When I was just a child, my mom was allergic to dog hair, so we could never have a puppy, even though I wanted to have one very badly. When I turned eighteen, I moved out, I got a puppy of my own. His name is Finley, and he is an Old English Bulldog. He is adorable and very playful. I never knew that raising a puppy would be this fun. That is what I thought when I first got him anyway. However, we did run into some issues. He was chewing stuff and not listening to me, so I needed help. Since I buy Purina food for him, I thought maybe they could help.

I went to the Purina PetCare website, and I found out what they suggested on Purina news in order to train my puppy. I was sort of surprised by what I learned. They had some great advice that helped me. Some of the things they suggested was something that I didn’t know would work. They suggested that I talk to my puppy in a lower pitched voice to get his attention, and it worked. They recommended that I give him a different choice to help him change his negative behavior. Changing his negative behavior was a great idea too.

How did I change my puppy’s behavior with the advice from Purina PetCare? Well, first of all, when he started chewing on things, I talked to him quietly but firmly. He didn’t listen the first couple of times that I did this, but after a while it started to work. I also used their second recommendation too. When he would grab one of my daughter’s toys to chew on it, I told him “no” and I gave him one of his toys. As with anything, practice makes perfect, and after about twenty times of doing this, it started working. He has only chewed on one of my daughter’s toys since I started training him.

Purina PetCare does have the experts who know how to train a puppy and raise them into a great dog. I am happy with the advice that they have given me. Finley is now behaving much better. There are still some other things that we need to work on with him, but at least I have gotten him to listen better, and I’ve gotten him to stop chewing on things around the house too. I am hopeful that my puppy will behave well in the future and grow to be a great dog. He is already very friendly, and if I need more advice on training him, I will turn to Purina PetCare because they do have the answers I need.

Michael Jackson’s Impersonator – Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, may have passed away in June of 2009, but there is a man who is helping to keep his memory alive. His name is Sergio Cortes. Cortes was born in Barcelona, Spain and has become known across the world as the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator. With looks that are beyond similar and a voice that is close to the famous singer, Cortes has gathered quite the fan club.

Cortes began performing when he was just a teenager, but his impersonation career of Michael Jackson didn’t arise until 2012. He hosted a tribute show in Madrid, where he showed his Michael Jackson look-a-like physique and vocals. Michael Jackson was a very popular pop singer that sadly passed away and Sergio Cortes is helping to keep the famous King of Pop’s songs alive.

You may find yourself doing a double take when you first see Sergio Cortes. The 39 year old pop singer and impersonator even have the same famous nose that Michael Jackson had. His hair, facial expressions and keen sense of style really help bring out the memory of Michael Jackson, which Sergio Cortes does an excellent job of doing. This Spanish impersonator is a one of a kind performer and actually had the ability to meet Michael Jackson when he was only 5 years old. After that, he was a fan for life.

Although there are many impersonators for Michael Jackson in the world, Sergio Cortes is by far the most similar and closest performer. For fans that love Michael Jackson and would give anything to hear him and see him in concert again, Sergio Cortes is the next best thing. You will most definitely be amazed by his qualities as he has studied Michael Jackson for many years and performs at a very high level.

You can find Sergio Cortes performing as an impersonator of Michael Jackson at many events in Spain. You will definitely find yourself looking twice at this amazing replica of the famous King of Pop. From his amazing stunts to his recreation of Michael Jackson’s music videos, the world is going crazy for Sergio Cortes. As long as he can perform and entertain, he will be re-creating the ever loving image of Michael Jackson all over the world. Michael Jackson’s fans are his fans, and he does a great job living up to the standards that the famous pop singer had.

Lime Crime Will Keep Girls Feeling Excited

When a girl goes out to purchase some items from a beauty product company she will most likely gravitate toward the brand that she always purchases from. Most people get stuck on the same things that they have done their whole lives, even when they know that there are better things out there for them. They don’t take the time to look into all of the fresh and new beauty product companies out there, and they end up losing out because of that.

When a girl wants to be unique in the things that she is doing with her look she is going to have to start changing up the company that she purchases beauty products from. She’s going to have to look around at all of the new items that are offered to her, and then she is going to have to pick out some of the items and try them on, instead of wearing the same old things for another day. There are so many great brands out there, and a girl is sure to find all that she needs if she just gets to looking at what is available.

Lime Crime on tumblr is one of the greatest new brands to have come out recently, and many girls have fallen in love with it for the bright colored beauty products that it offers. It is a company that is not afraid to do things differently, and when girls see that they should find the courage needed to do the same. Lime Crime offers bright colored lipstick, glittery eye shadow and dark, Gothic style makeups. It has everything that is needed to give a girl a fresh and unique look, and every girl who experiments with what is offered from it will be sure to have a fun time.

There are many makeup brands like Lime Crime out there that are trying to do something a bit different than what the big companies are doing, and it is time for every girl to get out of the rut that she has dug for herself and start experimenting with all of the things offered to her. With all of the beauty product companies around, no girl should ever feel that she has to wear the same kind of makeup two days in a row. She has the chance to try out something different all of the time, and that should keep her feeling excited.

Sergio Cortes: The Greatest Micheal Jackson Impersonator Brings Comfort To MJ Fans Worldwide

In the world of music impersonators, many of the entertainers fall short of properly representing the celebrity that they are impersonating. Sometimes the impersonator may have similar facial features as the celebrity, but the structure of their body may be completely different. In some cases, the impersonator may have the matching wardrobe of the celebrity, but they may not be able to sing or dance remotely close to the individual that they are mimicking.

Many people have paid good money to see an impersonator perform, but they are usually disappointed or humored because the impersonator lacks many qualities and attributes that are associated with the celebrity that they are impersonating. This is usually the consensus until someone lays eyes on Sergio Cortes. Cortes is a Micheal Jackson impersonator and possibly the greatest overall professional impersonator in the world.

From the time that Cortes was a small child in Spain, people have raved about his twin-like appearance to Micheal Jackson’s. In addition to his facial features and body type that mirrors Jackson’s, Cortes would astonish crowds of people with his majestic dance moves and beautiful voice that is in the same key and range as MJ’s. As a result of the amount of attention and acclaim that Cortes received, when he was a teenager he decided to become a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator to both honor his hero and to continue the legacy of the greatest pop star in the world.

Since the untimely death of Micheal Jackson in 2009, people have gravitated more toward Cortes because he brings a sense of comfort to those who are still grieving MJ’s loss. Cortes inspires Jackson fans every time he performs because his energy is so humble and genuine, just like MJ’s. Cortes is passionate about the music that he sings and he understands that he has a gift to entertain and to inspire people to celebrate life and to be a better human being.

When Cortes performs on a stage it can be very emotional for Micheal Jackson fans because he looks so much like MJ in every detail – from his hair, facial structure, eyes, smile, physique and gestures to his dance moves, singing abilities and gentle spirit. As a result of his talents and love for Micheal Jackson, Cortes has certainly wrote himself into the history books as one of the greatest impersonators of all time.

What’s Up With Madison Street Capital?


One of the Madison Street Capital co-founders, Anthony Marsala, was recently recognized by the Association for evaluators and analysts as part of its 40 under forty programs for the year 2015. The association’s aim is to identify the people who are under 40 years who have made great strides in business, litigation consulting, financial forensics, expert witness testimony, mergers, and other related disciplines. The association’s staff selected the honorees, and the decision to choose the winner was very overwhelming for the judges since many of those selected had qualified for the award.

The consultants’ training institute and the national association of the certified evaluators are established through superior quality, excellence, and a pioneering spirit. It rewards the leaders who are visionary across all the sectors of the financial consulting and accounting professions regardless of their affiliations with the associations. The recognition program was established so as to offer opportunity and voice to the next generation group of leaders by recognizing their contributions to their communities, and their profession. The organizers aim is to search for the best talent in leadership and other subject matters.

There were more than 125 nominees who were chosen by the executive staff of the CTI and NACVA. According to the Chicago Tribune, the selected rising stars will be exposed through a continuation of press release, QuickReadBuz Blog, The Value Examiner and the NACVA Association news.

Anthony Marsala is the chief operating officer of the Madison Street Capital, and he has been instrumental in the management of the company’s international presence in Africa, Asia, and Europe. His other important responsibility is to oversee the firm’s investigative teams. The teams handle the performance of all the business valuation work in corporate finance.

Marsala’s area of specialization is in corporate finance, business valuation, and M&A. His achievements are countless. He has been able to review and perform numerous assessments and other engagements over several years. He has covered various industry sector and firm sizes, and he has been predominantly focusing on the companies that are in the middle market and ventures that are at the early stages. Marsala’s engagements have been in the manufacturing, distribution, medical devices, pharmaceutical, biotech, and agriculture. Mr. Marsala graduated from the Loyola University of Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in information systems and Finance, and he also went ahead to graduate with a master’s diploma from the University of Oxford in strategy.

Jon Urbana Hopes To Remain An Active Participant In The Community

The country’s most trusted website CrowdRise encourages altruistic minded individuals to pursue their charity campaign services. Known for a simple and innovative platform, this extremely well-respected company seeks to promote personal, event, and non-profit fundraising across many media channels. In fact, the company was featured in noteworthy news outlets including Rolling Stone, People, Today, BuzzFeed, Los Angeles Times, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Runner’s World, CNN, CNBC, Re/Code, ABC, The New York Times, On Philanthropy, Wired, The Oprah Magazine, TechCrunch, The Hollywood Reporter, and USA Today. Some of the inspiring articles in these publications include, “CrowdRise is a Giving Game Changer,” “The Fun Way to Raise Money,” “Amy Schumer – Comedian, Writer, Actor, and MS Activist Extraordinaire Fundraises on CrowdRise,” and “Eddie Vedder Hosts Private Concert to Raise Money for Charity on CrowdRise.” Most prominently, as the world’s largest fundraising community for great causes, CrowdRise is the perfect platform for organizing charitable initiatives.

Next Level Lacrosse co-founder, Jon Urbana, just announced his impressive CrowdRise campaign to benefit pets at the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society. His sustained passion for promoting animal cruelty awareness encouraged him to create an online fundraiser in which all of the proceeds are awarded to one of the town’s most respected nonprofit organizations. Alongside his community involvement, Urbana strategically manages Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which is the premier training program for young players between the ages of ten and fifteen.

The goal of the company is to provide unprecedented skills and techniques that are tailored to an athlete’s unique style, interest, and field position. Remarkably, the participants are presented with the opportunity to learn from some of the best Lacrosse pros such as well-experienced Denver Outlaw players. The campers will also compete in challenging games and receive awards and giveaways for their active involvement. Urbana recently announced on Facebook that registration for this summer program opens in December.

As a successful entrepreneur and part-time pilot, Urbana has acquired tangible skills related to sales, strategic planning, and marketing/advertising. These practical and transferable techniques have played an integral role at Ellipse USA where he currently serves as the Head of Business Development.

Follow Jon on Twitter for updates about his Crowdrise drive, and don’t forget to donate!

Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Backs Regional Clean Power Plan

In a recent op-ed in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Andy Wirth praised the Reno City Council for voting to support the Clean Power Plan, created by the US Environmental Protection Agency to reduce carbon emissions nationally.

“The topic of clean energy is apolitical,” said Worth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. “It’s about the fact that despite having access to some of the best solar and geothermal energy in the nation, we’re still burning coal for electricity at the Valmy coal plant.” He said that now is the time to ask the local and state elected officials to plan long-term, logically and rationally, ignoring the special interests. This would produce an economy that is healthy and vibrant, he said.

He noted that due to the drought, the continuing forest fires and our “carbon footprint” we are contributing to the poor air quality and to climate change. He added that the opportunity exists to “usher in clean energy while we welcome leading companies like Tesla, Microsoft and Apple.” Wirth says that these companies want clean energy as they improve the economy of the area with quality jobs.

Wirth and others in the business community, urge more politicians to follow suit. “I ask any elected officials – those in Congress and those in state government as well as local civic entities such as the forward-thinking City of Reno – to advance rapidly to maximum clean energy while we simultaneously advance a robust regional economy.”

Andy Wirth has been working to reduce the carbon footprint at his own resorts. He has phased out the use of coal and has added renewables.

He became CEO in August, 2010, after over 25 years in the business. In 1986, he started at Steamboat Springs in Colorado and worked his way up to Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President in 2007. In 2011, Squaw Valley merged with Alpine Meadows, and a combined ticket was offered to skiiers.

Andy Wirth is the recipient of many community awards and participates in various service organizations.