Cancer Treatment Centers Of America War A Prostate Battle

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have recently teamed of with LabCorp and the National Football League to wage war against prostate cancer. Through donations and fundraisers, the three entities are running a prostate cancer program from September through October. Men who are 40 or over can receive a free prostate screening at LabCorp. LabCorp has at least one establishment in every state. There are approximately 3,000 spots available. Men who are interested in taking advantage of this situation should contact their local LabCorp center today.

Once the 3,000 spots are filled, men can still take advantage of this program. However, there will be a fee of approximately $25 to have the screening conducted. However, a $25 payment is still very low in regards to the cost of healthcare. Additionally, LabCorp will use the best equipment on the medical market today. Even better, there will be a representative from Cancer Treatment Centers of America at every screening.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are expanding every year. They have several centers in each state, and their goal is to have a center in every city in America within the next two years. They also spend the most money on digital equipment to stay up to date at all time. 1

Every doctor employed by Cancer Treatment Centers of America has had a hunger to help patients since childhood. All of these doctors have also gone to the best learning institutions in the world. Even better, doctors sacrifice a large salary in order to help more people. Many programs offered by Cancer Treatment Centers of America are free of charge. To date, Cancer Treatment Centers of America are credited with provided over 10 million dollars in free healthcare. A great majority of this assistance has gone to men with prostate cancer.


How Adam Milstein has managed to create a Legacy in Business and Philanthropy

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Adam Milstein is an Israeli entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has been in charge of his own real estate investment company that operates from California for the past few years. Adam Milstein is also very actively involved in Philanthropy, with his foundation, the Adam, and Gila foundation taking center stage of all his efforts. He has been named among the top 100 most influential Jews of the 21st Century. He shares this achievement with great men such as Benjamin Netanyahu. Here are a few of the things that you may not know about Adam.

Adam was born in Israel and spent most of his childhood and elementary school years in the state. When he was a teenager, he enrolled as a soldier and served in the Yom Kippur war. After the war, he started college at the Institute of technology. After school, he moved to the United States and started his real estate company. The Adam and Gila Foundation was established in the year 2000. It was supposed to help Israel and the Jewish people from all over the world to come together and gain a sense of identity. He also aimed at ensuring that the state of Israel stayed relevant for years to come.

Three pillars are the cornerstones of the Adam and Gila foundation. The first of these three pillars is active philanthropy. Here, the organization makes sure that they have engaged the youth and helped those that are in need. The second pillar is known as life impact. They ensure that in addition to giving these teens an identity and a sense of belonging as Israelis, they instill in them values which help them become prominent members of the community. The third pillar that they based their charity is philanthropic synergy where they work in unison with all the other stakeholders to make sure that they have reached their goals as a community. For more info about us: https://www.facebook.com/adam.milstein.5 click here.

These are the efforts that Adam Milstein has made to transform this community. Adam currently lives in California with his wife Gila and their children. He is a real inspiration to many people.



End Citizens United Continues To Fight For Campaign Reform

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End Citizens United believes Democrats must fight against a rigged system. A political group is trying to remove big money from politics with the endorsements of three Democratic candidates. They have declared campaign finance reform an electoral necessity. They have endorsed Democratic candidates throughout the districts using a platform with a reduction in the importance of money.

End Citizens United believes Washington has been infiltrated with moneyed interests, and the Democratic candidates require a fresh approach. The message from End Citizens United for the 2018 Democratic candidates is to remember campaign finance reform. Political funding ties into healthcare and jobs, and these critical issues have been slipping away from the Democrats.

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A new poll from September was conducted in fifty of the House battleground districts. In terms of importance, the role of special interests was placed second by independent voters only to national security. This is consistent with the polling done by End Citizens United for the last eighteen months. The group wants to get rid of the jargon, and speak of special interests plainly and honestly. The trust of the voters has been eroded by the vast amount of money spent in politics. This has impacted critical issues including lowering the cost of healthcare, increasing wages, and jobs. End Citizens United feels the Republicans are no longer in sync with their voters, and this creates an opportunity for the Democrats. They do not want their voices diminished by special interests. The voters want to see the voice given back to the American people.

End Citizens United has collected the first $4 million of their $35 million goal. These contributions were made by approximately 100,000 people and many of them had never given before. They are fighting back against groups who believe in whoever can write them the largest check. The Democrats are furious over Donald Trump winning the election, and are fighting his nominees and agenda. This includes Judge Neil Gorsuch of the Supreme Court. End Citizens United is encouraging donations for the Democrat Jon Ossoff. They want him to fill the vacant seat in Atlanta vacated by Tom Price. They are looking closely at the 2018 races to decide which ones they will become involved with. As a traditional PAC, End Citizens United is unable to accept any donation more than $5,000. This did not prevent them from reaching the highest ranks of Democratic groups last year. Their fundraising is considered aggressive but it has proved effective. They have been building links to the campaign-finance groups. Their collaborations have included over 24 groups and have proved extremely effective. They urged the Republican Senators who had accepted donations for their campaigns from the Devos family to recuse themselves from placing their votes for Betsy Devos as the Educational Secretary for President Trump.


Freedom Debt Relief Helps Parents Prepare For Back to School Stress

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Getting ready for school to start back up can be a very stressful activity. For one thing, people are going to have to pay for all of the equipment that is needed for their children to be able to get back into school. Another issue that can go into getting ready for school to start can be a financial issue. Often times, parents that are struggling with finances could find themselves falling deeper into a hole because of all of the costs that can come with getting the equipment needed. After all, dealing with debt is very stressful. Going even further into debt can be a lot worse.

Fortunately for people who are struggling, there is Freedom Debt Relief. This agency helps people who are deep in debt by negotiating with the creditors to see about coming up with a discounted amount that the clients can pay so that they can get out of debt. For one thing, there are too many variables that can get in the way of people being able to pay off everything they owe. Freedom Debt Relief is available to deal with these variables so that people can live comfortably and not have to worry about calls from creditors.

Freedom Debt Relief is operated with the understanding of everything that can happen which can cause some people to have to file for bankruptcy. They offer plenty of options for people who are seeking their help. Their website gets straight to the point. When people click on the website of Freedom Debt Relief, they are immediately taken to a survey where they answer questions to see what type of debt relief they can benefit from. One of the greatest advantages to this approach is that clients will immediately know what type of help they are going to be able to get with their debt.

About Freedom Debt Relief: twitter.com/freedomfamily?lang=en



A Brief History Of The Trabuco

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The Trabuco is a medieval siege weapon that was used to crush stone walls or throw projectiles over the walls. The device uses a mechanism similar to that of a catapult. The weapon is sometimes called a balancing Trabuco to differentiate it from other weapons that are similar. In some countries such as France, Brazil and Portugal the word refers to large caliber revolvers and shotguns.

The Chinese were the first to use the Trabuco in wars amongst themselves in 400 AD. The weapon then gained popularity in medieval Europe between 500 and 600 AD. It was the dominant weapon of war before gunpowder led to its demise. The Mongols, a tribal group in China, used it extensively in their war campaigns between the 11th to 13th centuries. The Mongols preferred method of attack was to use the Trabuco to hurl hot and heavy stones at their neighbors, the Xiangyang and Fancheng. Several Persian engineers and the Byzantine Empire introduced the weapon to Europe and the Middle East based on dicionarioinformal.com.br. The North Germans were the first European nation to use the Trabuco.

The Trabuco works in a manner similar to a sling. The potential energy of the counterweight due to gravity is converted to kinetic energy in the projectile. However, some of the energy is lost due to energy loss caused by friction, heat and sound. The machine is quite large requiring a team of 15 to 45 men to put it in place and operate it. The men are divided into two groups that control the ropes used to maneuver the counter weight. There were some small Trabuco’s that were designed to be operated by one person. According to youtube.com the mass of the counter weight was directly proportional the velocity and distance travelled by the projectile. Medieval engineers recommended that the counterweight have a mass 120 times that of the projectile. Many modern physics instructors use the device to demonstrate the physical principals of kinetic energy and potential gravity.

Many modern day enthusiasts have built their own Trabucos for recreational purposes on zomato.com. They then have mock battles using foam balls, paper balls or grapes. People make either small ones for indoor use or large ones for outdoor use.

For more information about Trabuco, just visit this site, http://epocanegocios.globo.com/Empresa/noticia/2017/08/trabuco-retomada-do-credito-depende-de-volta-do-pib-e-da-taxa-de-investimento.html


Goettl: The New Standard in Air Conditioning Systems

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When it comes to heating and air conditioning units, there is one company that outperforms the rest. Goettl Air Conditioning is the company of choice for people that live in and around Phoenix Arizona. This industry giant has been around since 1939, which should give you more peace of mind. Not only does the company specialize in cooling units, it offer services for heating, indoor air quality and for commercial HVAC services. In a report by AZ Central, Goettl is setting new trends thanks to its brilliant way of thinking. Here’s a bit more information on one of Arizona’s top businesses.

Owner Ken Goodrich did an interview earlier this year, and he explained how tough it was for him to bring new life back into the company. At the time, Goettl was a struggling business that had changed hands frequently throughout the years. It was so bad to where the former owner was cited for questionable business practices. There wasn’t much money coming in at the time until Goodrich made the purchase for ownership. One of the first things Goodrich did was to build up the brand’s reputation in which it already had hit an all-time low. This was no easy feat, but this guy had done it many times before. He approached the situation from an old-fashioned kind of way. This includes building the team’s moral and incorporating daily conversations between the employees. Goodrich also applied charitable donations to help clean of the brand’s reputation, which ended up bringing the company “back to the black.”

According to PR News, as of today, Goettl Air Conditioning is a thriving business with thousands of customers. It is the brand of choice for keeping cool in the summer as well as keeping warm in the winter. Goettle Air Conditioning and Ken Goodrich is a match made in heaven and that’s a fact.

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Jason Hope, the Tech Entrepreneur Explains the Role of IoT

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When you hear of the internet of things (IoT), think of all smart devices that you own or have come across in your life. Today, almost every person uses a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet. In developed countries like America, people are already getting used to the idea of smart homes, where almost every appliance is connected to the internet.

Internet of things, commonly referred to as IoT, stands for the interconnection of many technological platforms and devices using the internet. The main benefits of IoT are brought by the data that is collected from all the interconnected devices. Depending on how the data is used, life is improved at an individual level, and the cost is reduced for business owners. Even governments are improving in service delivery by embracing technology and IoT.

It is due to IoT that entrepreneurs have taken a significant interest and invested in the future opportunities that are about to be revealed as technology continues to grow. Jason Hope is one such entrepreneur who is a true visionary and futuristic person. Due to his great appreciation for technology, Jason has a broad understanding of the benefits of IoT to different sectors.

Benefits of IoT in Your Daily Personal Life

The technology has reached a point where your dishwasher or the washing machine will be communicating with the manufacturers over the internet. From this kind of data transmission, you will be alerted when your appliances are about to break down. This will reduce a lot of inconveniences for consumers. Today, you enjoy remotely controlled security systems as well as lighting systems in your homes.

How Will Businesses Benefit?

First, companies will reduce the cost of production by a large margin. The smart machines and the vast amount of data that will be collected and analyzed by machines will reduce the human labor required. The data will also be used to improve efficiency. Human error has been linked to the many losses companies make. With IoT, the losses too will go down.

Different brands will effectively improve customer service as they gather data from the machines they have sold to the customers. The data transmitted to the companies’ servers will give companies’ service crew an idea of what could be causing the failure in their devices. Customer service will be faster and efficient.

Use of IoT in Government

With automation of some of the repetitive government services, fewer employees will be needed. Even the ones who will work will have a chance to work fewer hours or even remotely through telecommunication. Services will be delivered faster, different claims or complaints of all citizens will also be processed faster too. With low human labor, taxes will go down.

Jason Hope did not study any technology related course. He is a businessman who got his BS in finance from the Arizona State University and later got his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope went directly into the tech business and has been a success since he set out. He is a generous contributor to institutions such as SENS Foundation, who invest their money in finding solutions to daily problems by utilizing technology and IoT.



Focus on Roberto Santiago and the Manaira Shopping Mall

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In the state of Paraiba, there stands a beautiful mall that is the biggest in the area known as the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Behind this magnificent Brazilian shopping mall lies the story of a diligent and hard working man, Roberto Santiago, who defied all odds to realize his dreams. Mr. Santiago owns this magnificent mall, which is one among the properties that the 58 year old prominent Brazilian businessman owns. He is currently reaping the rewards of all the hard work he put in during his youthful years.


Starting Out


Roberto Santiago’s robust career started off in writing. He has a huge knowledge on his country and thus exploited this aspect to start a blog. He used to write articles that had catchy content, which lead to the fast growth of his reputation. Apart from writing, Roberto Santiago is also great at production and directing thanks to his mad skills in the field. Mr. Santiago studied at Pio X-Marxist College before joining the University Center, Joao Pessoa and graduated with a Business Administration degree. Roberto Santiago is the owner of Mangabeira Shopping Mall, which is also huge. Mr. Santiago is famously known due to the huge success that Manaira Shopping Center has enjoyed ever since its establishment.


Manaira Shopping Mall


Manaira Shopping mall was established in 1989 and has become the latest subject of admiration from millions of people both within and without the republic. It is located at the middle of a place called Joao Pessoa. The mall is easily accessible for anyone in town and this has seen it turn into one of the best places for people to hang out. The mall offers a great location for having fun, resting and shopping thanks to the boutiques and food shops opened at the mall. Manaira is the place of choice for a huge number of urban dwellers in Paraiba state. It has exquisite movie theaters, food courts, bowling alleys, bars, restaurants and gardens. It is a small city indeed with banks, a college and everything that people require everyday.


At Manaira Shopping Mall, business continues round the clock thanks to its great food parlors and clubs. The mall itself is an epitome of design as Roberto Santiago really outdid himself when it came to showing off his creativity while designing the mall. Roberto Santiago cuts the image of a shrewd entrepreneur that future generations can emulate in order to taste success in their businesses.


Roberto Santiago’s Achievements


Santiago’s entrepreneurship journey started way off when he was still in college. He started off as a hotel owner in his small cafeteria christened “Café Santa Rosa“. He saved enough funds and made his investment in a company that dealt with cardboard. The business broke even and he made huge profit margins, which he saved. He continued saving until he bought the land on which Manaira Shopping Mall stands on today.






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There are so many successful companies in the modern market, but very few have managed to change the market like the OSI Group. The company was established several years ago, and it has worked hard to get to where it is at the moment. Although the institution has already registered a lot of growth over the years, its management says that it is working hard to reach more consumers in different countries. The company prides itself on being able to accomplish several things that other firms in the industries have not been able to. The food company is always a step ahead in the industry, and this is why it has won the hearts of so many clients in the world.

When the OSI Group venturing into the meat market, it was just a small institution that was competing against giants in the industry. At first, the organization did not have a lot of offer to its clients in the international community, and this meant many complaints from the consumers. The institution had to face its share of challenges when trying to understand tastes of customers. However, with time, they have been able to produce items that match the quality the client is looking for. The company is now considered to be one leader in the meat processing world.

After several years, the food company grew significantly, meaning that it needed to acquire more space to carry out its activities. The company was also expanding into more countries, and their clientele needed more products. The institution set out restaurants in different areas to offer the consumer the meals they needed so bad. Clients can also be able to see when the food is being prepared in the restaurants, proving that they make quality dishes.

OSI Group has a team of strong leadership that has influenced the growth of the food company over the years. One of its leaders, Sheldon Lavin, is a prominent figure who has been in the food world for over forty years. The team has ensured that the client is satisfied at all times, and this has influenced the growth of the institution.

Read More: www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/


Tammy Mazzocco Creates Her Own Real Estate Destiny

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When Tammy Mazzocco first went into real estate, she began as a secretary for a commercial real estate group, where she was able to learn the basics of the business. Later she moved on over to sales when she began to see various people doing well in that occupation.

She aligned herself with a friend who was a RE/MAX manager and her life has not been the same since then. Like anyone else, she learned the business slowly at first, and then good things began to happen after she worked at it for a while.

Today, Tammy works out of the RE/MAX office in Pickerington, Ohio, a community that is located just Southeast of Columbus, as well as in the four surrounding counties. Her main activity is that of being out in the field showing houses to prospective customers, as that is what she gears her entire operation towards.

Tammy does spend some time in the office early in the morning of a workday, but that is mostly to coordinate with her secretary what the priorities for that day will be. Other than that, she is either on the phone or showing houses to prospective customers.

When asked what motivates her, Tammy is quick to reply that setting goals are probably the most important thing that she does. Then she likes to break the goals down into small actionable steps so that they can be more easily accomplished. She says she gets more done by establishing and achieving her goals. Visit Medium to know more.

Tammy’s most enjoyable aspect of the real estate business is when she is able to work with a family and find just the house that they were looking for. That occurs when a true bonding is the result of a cooperative effort between an earnest customer and Tammy’s expertise in real estate.

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